Social Innovation

" Pioneering, innovative technologies not only represent the cornerstone of our industry leadership position but also the foundation of our social influence which relies on the proactive utilization of our core capabilities in the field of technological innovation. We embrace the core concept of " knowledge dissemination" and " innovative application of knowledge " and technology based on cross-industry integration paired with the sharing of the benefits derived from technological innovation with society. "

| Commitments and Policies

| Achievements

  • Organization of"Genius for Home" digital social innovation competition,covering 22 cities and counties (submission of 455 proposals)(see 6.1 Digital Social Innovation)
  • STEM"Course Creator"Program: Extended to include 29 elementary and middle schools all over Taiwan
  • Practical Science Award Program for elementary schools: Extended to include 35 elementary schools all over Taiwan (see 6.2 Solid Technological Foundation)
  • Encouragement of R&D - Support for three university-level R&D centers 
  • Formation of industry-academia alliances in line with government policies; injection of funding and teaching resources of industry instructors to support semiconductor college operations (see 6.2.2 Talent Cultivation)
  • Hsinchu Children's Exploration Hall: Opening planned for 2022
  • Greater Chao Nan Cultivation program: Over 1,000 students, faculty members, and local citizens have benefited from this program
  • Volunteer activities (see 6.3 Social Engagement)

| Digital Social Innovation

Harnessing digital technology to tackle social issues is no longer a privilege of enterprises. MediaTek firmly believes that every individual has the potential to create unlimited possibilities by utilizing digital technologies. In 2018, MediaTek launched the digital social innovation competition “Genius for Home” to encourage all members of society to offer solutions for issues affecting their hometowns. Furthermore, MediaTek provides on-going coaching and financial support for 2 years to assistist selected teams for project implimatation.

To learn more about MediaTek's social innovation, please see p.72-74 of the report.