Facility Management

In addition to active identification and continuing management of climate-related risks, we are committed to promoting environmental protection and energy conservation/carbon abatement, looking for countermeasures to climate change. Thanks to energy-conservation and carbon-abatement measures on campus, MediaTek attained 8.6-11.7% power savings 2016-2020 and targets 14.2% in 2021.

Environmental Policy

We are a fabless semiconductor company that is focused on the design and development of leading technologies and IC products. All manufacturing, assembly, and testing processes are outsourced to external companies. As such, MediaTek focuses on environment-friendly product designs, procurement and management of suppliers, reduction of resource and wasted energy, and protection of employee health and safety. These are not only parts of MediaTek's corporate social responsibility, but also an important asset that maintains our competitiveness in the business environment. MediaTek invested 53.78 million NTD on environmental causes in 2020. These funds are invested in the following areas:

Resource Management

MediaTek has passed certification for the ISO 14001 environmental management system and maintains consistency in our environmental protection goals and implementation strategies, in accordance with PDCA management cycles and systematic management methods. We have also established mechanisms for pollution prevention so that MediaTek can exert more influence on environmental protection. MediaTek is a low energy-intensive company. Our internal energy management processes are divided into the five aspects of electricity, water, waste, transportation, and greenhouse gas emission.

Our three highlights for 2020 were focused on energy management and conservation:

Enhanced efficiency: High-density, energy-efficient data centers

MediaTek is focused on the development of innovative technologies and our qualitative and quantitative needs in information computing continue to rise. As Data Center environments impact information computing efficiency and because high-speed computation typically consumes large amounts of energy, MediaTek has a long-term commitment to enhance the efficiency of our data centers. Capacity for power saving our datacenters bring was 20.3 million kWh.

Innovative application: Smart, energy-efficient IoT platforms applied to meeting rooms

Substantial waste occurs due to the nature of conference room use, including abandoned bookings or switched on lighting and air conditioning. To optimize conference-room resources, we used MediaTek IoT chipset, LinkIt 7697, to detect real-time conference room usage and automatically switch off lighting and AC when not in use. In addition, this product also keeps us informed of conference room usage conditions, thus ensuring optimization of conference room resources. Each conference room has the capacity of saving 564 kWh of power annually. Related effort will be expanded to the aspects of safety and resources in the future.

MediaTek’s solar power system

We took advantage of our roof-top space at the HQ to install solar energy generation facilities, in an effort to offset our grid-provided power and move towards a carbon-neutral operation and to lower energy expenditure. This marks the first privately installed solar energy conversion system in Hsinchu Science Park that connects to Taipower's power grid. Rooftop solar panels are estimated to cut temperature of top-floor office by 3-5 degrees Celsius, reducing air-conditioning power consumption significantly. In 2020 alone, the system generated 200,000 kWh (720 Gj), 0.2% the annual consumption (102,300,000 kWh, or 368,289 Gj). In other words, we saved 102 metric tons CO2e in 2020 with this solar power system. The construction and use of the second solar power system will be undergoing evaluation in 2021.

Energy management and conservation

The company's power consumption hit 102,302 kWh in 2020, 13% higher than the previous year, due mainly to the expansion of datacenters as well as the addition of the first full-year operation of the Wireless Communication Building.

In recent years, MediaTek has dedicated to the effort of energy conservation and carbon abatement, attaining 11.7% power saving, targeted to be raised to 14.2% in 2021. The following table shows the company's power-saving measures in central machine room (refer to Highlight 1 in 5.3 Facility Management), efficiency improvement and power-bill management for office air conditioning, lighting, and equipment.

Water resources management

Water supply for MediaTek offices comes from waterworks of various areas. The company's water consumption totaled 405,328 metric tons (around 405 million liters) in 2020, 28% higher than previous year, due mainly to the first full-year operation of the Wireless Communication Building and the expansion of the datacenters. Thanks to continuing execution of water-resources improvement plan, the company attained 3.9% water saving, which was lower than target 5.4% due to the low precipitation over the year. Taking updated precipitation into account, the 2021 target was lowered to 4.0%. Waste-water discharged increased by 9% to 173,887 metric tons (around 173 million liters), due mainly to the increased usage of the datacenters.

Waste management

In order to facilitate resource recycling and reuse, we strengthened waste management and focused on waste reduction, effectively separating, recycling, reusing, and disposing of waste. We continue to improve upon the environmental impacts of waste storage, transportation, and disposal. MediaTek has a strict process for selecting collaborating companies for waste removal and reuse, and we conduct non-periodic audits on the legal compliance of waste disposal as part of our monitoring responsibilities. Waste recycling rate reached 29% in 2020. In cooperation with the local Bureau of Environmental Protection, MediaTek became the first in Hsinchu Science Park to install recycle machines and offered peer companies results of the trial run for reference.

Greenhouse gas emission

Annual reduction goal for scope-2 greenhouse-gas emission: at 10%

MediaTek's major emission source is power supply from external source. With continuing expansion of the company's business scale, we have strived to enhance power saving, in order to cut greenhouse-gas emission effectively. MediaTek has set 10% annual power-saving goal (power-saving volume/power consumption) (Power saving rate reached 11.7% in 2020, higher than the previous year, thanks to improvement in the second/third datacenters and substitution of LED lighting for traditional one).