Core Concepts

"MediaTek engineers worldwide work unceasingly on a wide variety of R&D projects across various technical domains so MediaTek can continue its technology leadership in order to deliver products and services that enhance and enrich everyone's lives."

| Commitments and Policies

We seek to innovate by building a strong team of technical personnel and products, and establishing partnerships with world-class manufacturers. Our internal corporate culture encourages our employees to be innovative while actively interacting with external partners and participating in international technical forums and associations, so that MediaTek can be among the elite in all domains of technology.

  • Goals
  1.    Short-term
    1. Mass-produce multiple 5G products targeting various customer segments in 2021 
    2. Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) features through a wide range of products 
    3. Practice the mindset of green design and improve product efficiency
  2.    Mid-and long-term
    1. Continue to apply 5G communication technologies in various product categories, and actively  participate in the development of 6G technology standards 
    2. Establish AI application ecosystem for various product categories

| Achievements

In 2020, our R&D investment reached NTD77.3 billion, which was further increased to NTD96 billion in 2021. This included recruiting more than 1,000 talents and investing in advanced manufacturing technologies, and continuing to invest in technology research and development in 5G, wireless communications and AI to lead the industry elevate to global scale and drive digital transformation. 

  • Innovative products
  1. New generation flagship 5G SoC that features multiple world leading technologies - Dimensity 9000
  2. World’s first 7nm 8K smart TV SoC - Pentonic 2000
  3. Reduced power consumption of products by 23% and chip sizes by 23%

  • Innovation culture
  1. Continually host the in-house"Innovation Award"and"Special Contribution Award"to shape the innovation culture
  2. Continually publish papers in the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) and be the only Taiwanese company that has had papers selected for publication for 19 consecutive years
  • Technical Exchanges
  1. Through Collaboration with business partners, Participation in domestic academic events, Participation in standard organizations to improve relevant technical skills and development in Taiwan.

  • Forward-looking patent strategies
  1. Maintained over 12,000 global patents, wherein 1,500 of them were acquired in 2021; Ranked No. 1 in the IC design industry in Taiwan.
  2. Ranked No. 1 in the Taiwan industry in its number of global patents in 5G, Wi-Fi, and HEVC/VVC

To learn more about MediaTek's core concepts, please see p.19-20 of the report.