Sustainability Committee

Rick Tsai

Vice Chairman & CEO
Sustainability Committee Chairperson

|Environmentally Friendly Operation

As a fabless IC design company of technology innovation and high knowledge intensity, MediaTek has aspired to becomea green innovator, and we constantly think of ways to reduce energy consumption of consumer electronic products with our IC design. In 2021, the ener gy consumption for the chips we designed dr opped 23% on average in comparison to the previous year; translating to a saved power sufficient f or consumption by 170,000 households a ye ar. In line with the government's green power policy and COP26 carbon-reduction goal, the company has completed commissioned verification of ISO 14064 gr eenhouse-gas emission and ISO 50001 ener gy management certification, we have also led our supply-chain partners to attain the goal of 2% reduction of carbon intensity for two consecutive years.

|Grow and Prosper with Our People & Community

MediaTek is one of the le ading companies in the global IC design industry. Our talented employees came from around
the globe, and we ar e dedicated to foster a workplace culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. One e xample
is that our female employees in the R&D workf orce is higher than tha t of female university graduates of electrical
engineering majors in Taiwan. We are also committed to our employees and the c ommunities of which we operate in;
we provide better-than-law supporting and caring mechanism by offering all-rounded heath care for our employees.
Over the years, we have been supporting t alent cultivation programs of schools at various levels, our actions included
taking lead in the establishment of four major semiconductor colleges in support of g overnment policy. In addition,
we have launched STEM course development program for teachers, as well as pr ograms funding popular science
and technology projects at elementary schools, as part of our long-term effort in driving scientific and t echnological
education and innovation. Our annual “Genius f or Home” campaign have collected over 1,500 proposals for the past 5
years, continuing to encourage participants to give back to their hometowns with technology and innovation.

Sustainable Governance

Our company was ranked among top 5% in corporate governance evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 2021,
underlining our strengthened governance structure in upholding stakeholders' rights, as well as enhancing inf ormation
security mechanism. Besides, we have ob tained A-grade verification for Taiwan Intellectual Property Management
System (TIPS) by Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau, in acknowledgement of our dedication
in IP protection. We have also put in plac e a supplier information security management procedure to lower the risk
on supply-chain information security. Meanwhile, our Board of Directors has drawn up specific stock-dividend policy,
raising regular stock-dividend payout rate to 80-85%, on top of four-year special cash-dividend plan, calling for payout
of NT$16 extra cash dividend per share a year, so that our shareholders can benefit from the company's business

The company's effort in fulfilling corporate-citizen responsibilities won it multiple r ecognition in 2021, including the
best performance ever in "corporate citizen award" by Commonwealth magazine and "Top 10 Taiwanese corporate
sustainability paradigms award," as well as being included as c onstituent stock in major sustainability indices, such
as MSI Taiwan ESG Leaders Index, FTSE4Good Emerging Index, and FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index. Our incessant
pursuit for sustainable operation and growth will continue to lead our company in building our core business in line with
the UN SDGs (sustainable development goals), so we can continue our path as a reliable and trustworthy partner to our
customers while contributing to a sustainable future for the earth and next generations.