Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Message from the Chair

Since its inception, MediaTek has been driving technology innovation forward to enhance and enrich everyone’s life. In addition to focusing on business development, MediaTek is also deeply committed to sustainable development for the economy, the environment, and society as a whole to meet our stakeholders’ expectations.

To mitigate the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we rapidly responded and took preemptive actions in an open and transparent manner to safeguard employees' health and safety and meet our clients' demands. At the same time, we spared no effort in meeting the growing demand for the latest technology applications in this new normal, demonstrating our resilience in coping with change.

MediaTek outlined its CSR goals and direction based on our corporate mission. For innovation, the company is committed to making technology more accessible by providing consumers with cutting-edge technology at a wide range of price points. For governance, we adhere to the principles of information transparency and accountability, taking care of the interests of our shareholders and other stakeholders. We have an inclusive workplace where our employees can unleash their potential and grow with the company. With our clients and suppliers, we have cemented long-term partnerships of mutual trust, growing and fulfilling our social responsibilities together. To help the natural environment, we design energy-efficient chips that save energy on every device with our chip(s) inside. For the community, we are dedicated to science education and social innovation so more people can benefit from the latest technological innovations. 

With 27 sites worldwide, Taiwan-headquartered MediaTek spent 77.3 billion NTD on R&D in 2020 and placed orders exceeding 150 billion NTD in value with local suppliers. MediaTek offers more than 10,000 high-paying and high-value jobs and we have hired a greater proportion of women in the R&D workforce compared to those who graduated from similar departments like electrical engineering in Taiwan. We also have an in-house preschool, the largest in Hsinchu Science Park, providing an environment that employees who are parents can rely on.

Meanwhile, MediaTek has invested over 1.8 billion NTD in community engagement and talent cultivation over the past 20 years to disseminate the power of innovation to every corner of Taiwan. In addition to funding all levels of schools for developing STEM talent, MediaTek holds the “Genius for Home” Digital Social Innovation Campaign that encourages people from all walks of life to do something to benefit their hometowns using technology, supporting them in their efforts to improve their local communities.

Consistent with global trends on environmental sustainability, MediaTek has been engaging in green innovation through the development of advanced IC technologies. In 2020, end devices powered by MediaTek reduced their energy consumption by 11% compared with the previous year. The energy saved was equivalent to the energy use of 75,000 households in Taiwan and equivalent to the carbon storage capacity of 255,269 acres of U.S. forests in a year. MediaTek also is working hard to conserve energy in our daily operations. Our three high-density datacenters can attain annual power savings of 20.3 million kilowatts kilowatt hours at full capacity, and their solar power systems generate 200,000 kWh of sustainable energy. In 2020, MediaTek passed ISO 14064 greenhouse-gas verification and purchased 20 certificates that amounted to 20,000 kWh renewable energy. Exercising our sustainability influence at the top of the supply chain, we hold Supplier Forums to encourage and help our supply-chain partners to reduce their carbon intensity  by at least 2% annually, a target in line with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

MediaTek has already made strong progress on our sustainable development efforts and we will continue to work hard to further improve. We hope to be a positive influence for society on this journey towards a more sustainable future for the benefit of everyone.

Rick Tsai 
CEO and Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, MediaTek

Organization, Strategy & Scope

The CSR Committee takes sustainable development as its highest guiding principle and has proposed relevant projects for business and functional units to respond to economic, social, and environmental issues.

The Vice Chairman cum CEO chairs the Committee that consists of top managers from business and functional units, including marketing, R&D, sales, HR, process technology and manufacturing operations, legal, finance, auditing, and the Foundation. The top managers supervise the operation of six working teams, Global Presence, Innovation, Talent, Corporate Governance, Environmental Management, and Community Engagement.

Corporate sustainability initiatives, response to climate change included, are reported to and under the oversight of the CSR Committee. Once per calendar year, a sustainability status update, including past performance and future plans pertinent to sustainable development, is provided at the Board meeting to the Directors.