Blueprint for Community Engagement

The Heart of MediaTek Social Welfare: Shaping the Future of Taiwan through Building Knowledge & Personal Growth

For more than 10 years, The MediaTek Foundation has worked on converting the Company’s innovative capabilities into a driving force for science education and industrial advancement. We have worked closely with the government, academia, and among society to find solutions to problems we face. We have consistently endeavored through four avenues of action: “social innovation”, “accessibility to science education”, “academic support”, and “welfare and social engagement”. Those have been respectively applied in the fields of education promotion, industry development, and social humanities, with the aim of promoting a thriving and co-prosperous society.

Digital Social Innovation

MediaTek believes that each person has the potential to use technology to create unlimited possibilities. Therefore, in addition to continuing our sponsorship for the MakeNTU contest hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, and hosting workshops, MediaTek launched the digital social innovation campaign “Genius for Home” in 2018 and sponsored American Institute in Taiwan on NASA Hackathon 2019, so as to encourage the public to take action and solve problems.