Making Science Accessible

MediaTek has consistently invested resources to facilitate promotion of popular science education in Taiwan. Specifically, we focused on cultivating the abilities of “identifying problems” and “problem-solving abilities.” We will continue to cultivate and foster popular science education in Taiwan at three strategic implementation levels: cities, schools, and individual talent. In 2020, the company carried out the following STEM-related projects:

MediaTek has been engaged in collaboration with domestic and international universities since 2002. Leveraging each team’s specialty, we have developed cutting-edge technologies and cultivated talent. Over the past 19 years, the company has invested over 1.2 billion NTD in the cause. The collaboration takes various forms, including setup of innovative research center, alliance for specific projects, attendance of various international forums, scientific and technological exchanges, and scholarships for master’s students. Up to now, MediaTek has collaborated with 19 universities.

Project Achievements
Research Centers
"MediaTek-NTU Research Center", "MediaTek-NCTU Research Center", and "MediaTek-NTHU Research Center" were established at the end of 2013, integrating the deep research and development capabilities of NTU, NTHU, and NCTU in order to incubate innovative ideas. MediaTek funded to research proposals submitted by professors.
These 3 research centers implemented 26 projects, applied for 3 patents, published 48 papers, and 25 out of the 39 graduates who worked on these projects were recruited by MediaTek.
Academia-Industry Consortiums
In line with the Ministry of Science and Technology policy that "the academia should work on problems posed by the industry," MediaTek completed in 2019 two projects in which it invested over 200 million NTD, "Study on Key Technologies for Next-Generation Mobile Communication Terminals" with National Taiwan University (NTU) and "Three-Dimensional Online Communication Technology and Its Application in Smart Campus " with National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). In collaboration with NCTU, MediaTek proposed a new project, "ACE Technology for Future Society (2025-2035)."
"ACE Technology for Future Society (2025-2035)" is scheduled to be started in 2021.
Participated in Academic Research Institutions
In addition to collaboration with universities, MediaTek also take part in various technology research bodies, to keep up with the latest international trend.
In 2020, MediaTek took part in projects of various academic research bodies, including MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), MIT Center for Integrated Circuits and Systems (CICS), the Khronos Group, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association, Taiwan IC Industry & Academia Research Alliance (TIARA), Taiwan Electromagnetic Industry-Academic Consortium (TEMIAC), and NTU System-on-Chip Center.
Supported the Employment of Talented Professors from Overseas
In hopes of enhancing innovative capabilities to drive industry advancement, MediaTek and NCTU jointly announced the "MediaTek Junior Chair Professor" grant program, with 7.2 million NTD to be released over four years (2017-2020) to attract excellent academic talent. MediaTek encourages elite Taiwanese nationals to return to work in Taiwan, and proactively recruits top teachers and key talents from overseas to match skills where required. Supported faculty include new faculty members appointed by NCTU in the electrical engineering and electronics and information engineering fields.
Five young professors returned to Taiwan.
Support for more than 500 Domestic and International Graduate and Doctoral Students
MediaTek actively promotes the development of technological knowledge and education. The "MediaTek Taiwan Ph.D. Scholarship" was founded in 2002, and the "Innovative Research Center Scholarship" was launched in 2014. These initiatives aim to incentivize outstanding graduate students in the electrical engineering and information fields, helping these students to complete their doctoral degrees in Taiwan, and foster future talent in technological research and education to enhance our nation's competitive advantage in the future. Doctoral students sponsored by the scholarship receive NT$ 35,000 per month for a maximum of 48 months.
Between 2002 and 2020, we have supported 71 doctoral students, including 63 domestic students and 8 students from ASEAN and India. In 2020, we had 5 scholarship recipients, some of whom started receiving the multiannual scholarship as early as 2015. In addition, we granted 1 MIT doctoral student and 7 IIT exchange doctoral students at National Chiao Tung University in 2020.
Comprehensive Support for Hi-Tech Exchange Events
MediaTek supported and proactively participated in high-tech conferences and activities at home and abroad to promote industry advancement.
MediaTek actively participated in and/or sponsored high-tech conferences and activities.