Welfare and Social Engagement

MediaTek has long been committed to addressing social needs, and we are proactive in social engagements and social welfare support programs. Below are several long-term projects that continued through 2019:

MediaTek Volunteers

MediaTek encourages employees to engage in social affairs and to give back to the society. Many employees have dedicated themselves to volunteer activities, helping underprivileged groups. MediaTek has collaborated with local charity and welfare groups since 2003 and established a volunteer leave policy to facilitate employee participation. In 2019, our Volunteer Club managed a number of projects, including "character education," "Reading and Writing Project," "beach cleanups," "toy drive," and "water resource conservation."

Greater Chao Nan Cultivation Plan

Mr. Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman of MediaTek, cares particularly for the education and environment of children in his hometown of Pingtung. Over the past decade, MediaTek Foundation has donated close to 130 million NTD to the Pingtung area, improving education and providing support for disadvantaged groups. The MediaTek Foundation has partnered with Lovely Taiwan Foundation on the “Greater Chao Nan Cultivation Plan” that aims to preserve local culture in education through the introduction of resources for arts and humanities and popular science education. The Greater Chao Nan Cultivation Plan is a four-year scheme that has gradually launched initiatives including “Chao Academy”, “Agriculture@Chao Nan”, “Blue Sky Classroom”, and “Slow-Touring the Greater Chao Nan Region.” The 4 initiatives benefitted 2,653 people in 2019, boosting the total number over the past four years to 10,127 people over 3,380 sessions and 637 classes. Among the four sub-plans, "Agriculture@Chaonan" sponsors cultivation of rice paddy fields by schools, embodying profound feeling of Chairman Tsai Ming-kai towards his homeland, as well as fulfillment of his commitment for the sustainability of Taiwan's land, fostering understanding of and love for nature and humanistic environment among children, as well as their affection for hometown.

Hsinchu Children's Discovery Center

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, MediaTek donated 50 million NTD to sponsor the conversion of the Taiwan Pavilion Expo in the World's Fair into Hsinchu Children's Discovery Center, with the aim of promoting science and reading. After its groundbreaking in April 2020, the interactive facilities is scheduled for inauguration in the second half of 2021, serving as a ground for popular science as well as reading and storytelling with children.