Client Services

In order to provide the best service quality and the best technical support for our clients, MediaTek adopts professional management processes, online service tools, and a variety of client service channels that help us to better understand client needs and accelerate product development, which result in building mutually beneficial partnerships.

In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, our project management processes are initiated from the moment we contact a client. MediaTek uses an established client service platform that compiles all client suggestions, strategic considerations, and relevant questions; these are periodically updated and maintained. Further, we provide strategic recommendations to clients so they can benefit from MediaTek's rigorous attention to detail in product service processes. For more information on our project management processes, please refer to the table below.

MediaTek On-Line was established to simplify client administrative processes and enhance efficiency through improved user-friendliness. The platform contains a variety of system functions, including software authorization, document management, file transfers, online courses, lists of recommended components, software downloads, FAQ, and online Q&A. These functions help MediaTek attain an accurate view of client needs, and can speed product development, shorten product commercialization time, and fulfill client expectations for product functions.

MediaTek provides timely and customized services for clients in every region, assisting clients in applying innovative technologies that fulfill the differentiation needs of local markets. We assist with problem-solving and technical support, product development acceleration and mutual success.