Global Operations

MediaTek is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan and has 27 sites across the globe. Apart from the US, UK, Finland, Singapore, and India, we continue to expand and leverage our presence in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa, China, and India. All with the goal to provide people all throughout the world with new opportunities made possible by innovative technologies, and thus putting our brand mission into practice.

MediaTek has been expanding globally since its inception, displaying ceaseless, innovative R&D capabilities with the help of thousands of R&D personnel worldwide. We have invested in 5G development for several years, and have collaborated closely with global ecosystems, working together with our international partners to promote popularization of 5G applications. We facilitate technical communication between our global sites and our Taiwan headquarters through regular R&D exchange activities and collaboration systems. We are active in attracting local talent at all our operational sites, and are tireless in hiring talented individuals, adjusting our management styles to fit with local needs, and providing benefits that comply with local cultures. This will foster an environment where MediaTek employees throughout our global offices can enjoy the best working environments and experiences, and thus be inspired to develop innovative products and attain leadership in our target markets.

  • Over 92% of all managerial positions at overseas sites are locally hired, and we will continue to tap the global talent market in the future.
  • We have invested considerably in R&D resources and recruited experienced technical personnel from various fields into our 20 plus teams throughout the US. 26% of our employees hold a PhD degree from leading institutions around the world. In 2020, we hired near 30 interns at our sites in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. 94% of these interns came from Top 50 US universities in the engineering field (according to the 2020 US News & World Report), and over 40% were PhD students from top US universities. Although they had to work from home due to the pandemic, the HR managed to arrange online events, such as welcoming sessions, experience sharing, and virtual parties, for them to bond with each other and hopefully inspire a sense of belonging to the organization.
  • In 2020, MediaTek conducted a number of academic exchanges with local universities, including a career event hosted by the University of Oulu, to help students get to know the Company and vice versa. Beginning this year, MediaTek also offered 6 internships to university students. MediaTek also connected with local university students through a platform, TUUDO, and took part in virtual recruiting events.
  • Due to the pandemic, MediaTek joined virtual job fairs held by the University of Edinburg, Imperial College London, the University of Southampton, the University of Bristol, the University of Cambridge, and University of Surrey, with an aim to increase brand visibility. In addition, the Company held virtual technology forums, “5G beyond smartphones” and “5G SoC testing challenge,” at Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge, the University of Southampton, and the University of Bristol.
  • To create a diverse, inclusive and friendly workplace experience, we accommodate different cultures with flexible management and benefits. For example, we adjust our work calendar that go beyond complying with local laws and regulations by including vacations that cater to individual differences in culture and religion.
  • The Company endeavored in providing care at a time when most sites had to work from home. For one, MediaTek Finland held a virtual end-of-year party to enjoy performances and play games together. Their kudos recognition event also facilitated bonding.
  • The Company also offered employees resources for remote working, workout, and family support. For instance, MediaTek USA subsidized the relevant hardware and software for remote employees, application rate reaching 98%. Their online yoga classes and 10,000-step-a-day campaign attracted over 200 employees. Expert were hired to help parents assist in distance learning, a workshop well received by the 70 participating employees.