Core Concepts

Innovation is a never-ending relay race. Through our 3A strategy, MediaTek strives to utilize technological innovation to solve problems, and enhance and enrich the quality of life for everyone. We believe that innovation is the driving force for sustainable corporate growth and brand recognition; through invention and innovation, we strive to continue providing the most competitive products and services.

In recent years, MediaTek has continued to invest in cutting-edge research in new fields relating to 5G and AI. In 2018, our R&D investment reached 57.5 billion NTD, which was further increased to 63 billion NTD in 2019; while our accumulated investment in R&D for the past 5 years exceeds 280 billion NTD. In 2020, a key starting point for the industry, we aim to lead global developments in 5G and AI industry clusters and bring about a new wave of highly compelling products and services.