Innovation Achievements

  • MediaTek announced world’s most advanced 5G SoC, Dimensity 1000, to which more family members were added in 2020. Dimensity 1000 supports two-carrier 5G NR aggregation (2CC CA) and boasts the world’s fastest throughput SoC. It was also the first to support dual 5G SIM, delivering seamless connectivity across networks and offers consistent speeds.
  • According to a report of German market information body IPlytics GmbH in 2019, MediaTek was one of the top 20 owners of standard-essential patents and one of the top 10 contributors in standards-related technological papers.
  • We incorporated our AI Processing Unit (APU) with our NeuroPilot software development kit (SDK) to usher the era of AI consumer products, such as smartphone, smart home, and automated driving.

Green innovation

Since MediaTek’s chipsets power a variety of end devices, we include environmental considerations at all stages in the design. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment during usage and disposal by minimizing power consumption and the physical size.


Enhancement of energy efficiency: We have lowered 9% of power consumption of end devices powered by MediaTek in 2019 (cf. 2018). Based on the shipment volume of the year, MediaTek contributed to the energy conservation of devices powered by our products by 217 million kWh of electricity per year, the equivalent of 114,793 tons of carbon emissions, or the carbon storage capacity of 200,369 acres of US forests in a yearNote*.
*Note: Conversion based on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency


Minimization of chip designs: We have reduced the size of our IC products by 10% in 2019 (cf. 2018), equivalent to 13,585 kg of waste, or 28 tons carbon emissionsNote*.
*Note: Conversion based on the parameters set by the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan, where 1kg of waste production increases 2.06kg of carbon emission