Innovation in Practice

MediaTek is the only Taiwanese company whose papers have been accepted at ISSCC for 17 consecutive years

The International Solid-State Circuits Conference acts as a leading indicator of global R&D trends in semiconductor and solid-state circuits. It is the best forum for exchanges of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of semiconductor and chipset, often referred to as the Olympics of the IC design domain. In early 2020, ISSCC published 11 papers from the MediaTek Group, the highest in terms of quantity and scope ever. Along with Samsung and Intel, MediaTek was among the top three in number of published papers. Since 2004, MediaTek have had papers accepted by the conference for 17 years in a row.

Awarding Innovation

MediaTek began hosting its Innovation Awards and Special Contribution Awards since 2002. These awards symbolize the highest achievements of MediaTek personnel through innovations and contributions to the company, whether in technological development, strategic planning, or process management. Teams and individuals were selected and honored after a rigorous evaluation process. In 2019, 29 teams took part in the competition; among 315 project members, 70 of whom from overseas units, the highest ever.

Cultivating AI talent in Taiwan

Given the expected huge influence of AI on scientific and industrial development, as well as people's daily life, MediaTek sponsored, along with several others, the founding of Taiwan AI Academy in 2017, which had provided AI training to some 6,000 people as of the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, to consolidate Taiwan's AI talent pool, MediaTek joined hands with the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, under the National Applied Research Laboratories, in planning Edge AI courses for prospective AI teachers at universities. MediaTek donated of 30 sets of cutting-edge terminal development platform, including hardware and software, to the program, meant to cultivate teachers for spreading the knowledge on terminal AI applications at universities, thereby cultivating more AI application talents to facilitate industrial transformation under the AI era.

Participating in Technical Associations

Patent Strategies and Establishment of Industry Specifications

Patents are a specific indicator of MediaTek's efforts in innovation and R&D. MediaTek's patent strategy for 2019 continues to consider both quantity and quality as we maintain about 10,000 patents. We were ranked the fifth-largest patent filer at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) and the 24th largest global patent filer in the Digital Communication field of the European Patent Office (EPO). MediaTek has filed more than 10,000 patent applications across North America, China, Europe, Taiwan, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and South Africa. In 2019, we were granted 1,670 new patents, 454 of which were US patents, 330 Chinese patents, among others from Germany, Korea, Japan, India, etc.