Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman of MediaTek

In 2019, we continued to stem our sustainable development strategy as “global reach, local presence” and, in tandem, upheld our pursuits in six main aspects, including global presence, innovation, talent, corporate governance, environmental management, and community engagement.

Our mission is to enhance and enrich everyone’s life. Despite the accelerating development of communication technology, billions of people worldwide are still unable to enjoy the benefits brought about by technological innovation. Therefore, we focus on our 3A strategy, enabling people from all corners of the world to enjoy Accessible, Affordable, and Available devices and services. By bringing technology to the general public, we strive to empower them with digital opportunities that may enhance and enrich their lives.

Thanks to the concerted effort of our colleagues in 2019, MediaTek emerged as the world's 15th largest semiconductor company and fourth largest fabless IC design company. Confronted with market volatilities, we demonstrated perseverance and dedication in pursuit of technology leadership. The Company consolidated its strength via organizational restructuring and attained stable growth via balanced portfolio with positive growth prospects from mobile devices, smart home, and growth products. With the integration of MStar, the Company has cemented its leading position in the global market for smart TV chipsets. Rollout of the Dimensity series underscored our solid strength in 5G technology, our value in the formulation of its standards, and our influence on the collaborative advancement of its ecosystem. 5G, automotive, and ASIC products are expected to contribute over 15% of our revenue in 2020, owing to the fruition of the company's investments and decision making over the past few years.

The Company has set three major goals in 2020: First, we aspire to achieve technology leadership in areas critical to business success. Second, we aspire to deliver differentiated technologies, features and services, and capture the value for sustainable growth and profit. Third, we aspire to uphold our distinctive world class position and become a well-respected and strategically relevant global semiconductor company. Despite intensifying market competition, I believe we can overcome potential difficulties and create a new stage together. Under the three main goals, MediaTek will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and, under the concept of global reach and local presence, provide users worldwide accessible, affordable, available innovative technology, thereby enhancing and enriching the life of humanity.