Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Message from the Chair

As a technology company that stresses technological innovation and user experience, MediaTek has incorporated its core values into sustainable development by striving to popularize technology, enrich the lives of more people, and enhance the welfare of humanity. To learn about issues of concern among our internal and external stakeholders, we communicate with them in various ways, such as direct communication and surveys of senior executives, employees, clients, suppliers, the public, the government, and so on. Six vice presidents are each appointed to supervise the operation of a working group in our CSR Committee that pertains to their daily operation. Together, the Committee prioritize and address stakeholders’ concerns, adjusting strategies and making improvement continuously.


Headquartered in Taiwan, MediaTek is the world's fourth largest IC design company and has cross-border R&D and business operations in 27 sites worldwide. In 2019 alone, it spent 63 billion NTD on R&D and placed orders worth over 100 billion NTD with Taiwanese semiconductor suppliers. Among companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 2018, MediaTek offered the highest average salaries for full-time non-managerial employeesNote* based in Taiwan. To date, MediaTek hires more than 10,000 high-pay employees, creating job opportunities in the community. In addition, the proportion of female employees at MediaTek was also higher than that of female graduates of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or other relevant degree programs in Taiwanese Universities. In its newly opened Wireless Communication Building, the company established a preschool where employees can entrust their children during work hours.

Concrete Measures for Energy Conservation and Carbon Abatement

As a fabless IC design company, MediaTek operates with an environment-friendly directive. Our products use advanced design and manufacturing techniques to make them as energy-efficient as possible while performing their duties. Compared with 2018, end devices powered by MediaTek saw a reduction of energy consumption by 9%. Based on our annual shipment value, we saved 217 million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 114,793 tons of reduced carbon emissions. In addition, the company’s three high-density, energy-conserving data centers and its private rooftop solar power system can save 16.19 million kWh of electricity annually. In response to international initiatives, the company completed its greenhouse-gas inventory and outsourced for ISO 14064 certification, scheduled for completion in 2020.

MediaTek has infused the concept of sustainable development into its purchasing mechanism. We have developed our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, created incentives, and set up an evaluation system, thereby building sustainable practice into our supply chain. In 2019, we hosted our first Supplier Forum on sustainability as outlined by UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where the latest international trends, information, and resources on environment-friendly operation were shared and discussed. There, our suppliers reached a consensus and pledged themselves to an annual reduction of 2% greenhouse-gas emission from their operations.

Talent Cultivation and Community Engagement

MediaTek is committed to the promotion of science education and the dissemination of technology. Over the past 19 years, we have dedicated more than 1.8 billion NTD in relevant domains. Among those, we have supported talent cultivation at various levels and held Genius for Home-MediaTek Digital Social Innovation Campaign, in order to disseminate the power of innovation to every corner of Taiwan.

MediaTek nurtures innovation by leveraging global talent and resources, creating economic and social opportunities for communities around the world. We will continue leveraging our strengths in core businesses and work with our value chain partners to achieve sustainable development.

Rick Tsai 
CEO and Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, MediaTek

Organization, Strategy & Scope