Best Employer

MediaTek’s leadership of IC industry markets is sustained in part due to our attraction of the best employees, which we do through several initiatives. Firstly, we provide compensation packages that are superior to the industry average. This, paired with our diverse training system, provides our employees with the best platform for development. We utilize different recruitment channels and are committed to becoming a highly attractive employer that the most talented and capable individuals will actively seek out.

Recruitment and Retention

In 2020, MediaTek had a global turnover rate of 6.2% (4.7% in Taiwan), which was significantly lower than the 20.2% (11.0% in Taiwan) in the high-tech industry (see Radford 2021 Market Research Report).

To continue the optimization of MediaTek's talent structure, we not only focus on indicators for new hires and employee turnover, but also pay close attention to the number of applications per job, offer-to-acceptance rates, and development and retention of new hires. We hope we can continue to attract the best individuals to work at MediaTek from a highly competitive talent market, by adopting methods such as our Care System for new hires and exit interviews. In 2020, we hired 1,769 new employees worldwide. Of those, ar ound 70% were younger than 30 years old; we believe that a talent structure skewed in favor of the younger generation can bring more insights and momentum into our diversified products and innovations.

Retention of New Hires and our Care System

In order to help our new hires adapt to our work environments and thereby increase the retention rate, we established a "Care System for new hires" in 2009. Our system automatically sends out an "Adaptation survey for new hires" and "Feedback survey for new hires" (both five-point scale surveys) on the 7th and 30th day after new hires have reported for work. Completion rate of the sur vey was 85%. Employees who have passed their probation periods must also fill out the "Completion of probation period sur vey". We have also established a "Buddy system" where we designate employees from appropriate departments to serve as "buddies" for new hires and help them to adapt to their work. The results of the "Adaptation survey for new hires" are shared with buddies. Besides, if the results of the "Feedback survey for new hires" are abnormal, psychologists at the Employee Relationship department will take the initiative in providing care.

Diverse Recruitment Channels

MediaTek has expanded our approaches for recruiting talent by formulating annual talent plans in accordance with our operational strategies, and through talent application systems on our corporate website that provides applicants with user-friendly interface and process so as to increase the convenience of job applications. Additionally, we recruit talent through job banks, participation in major recruitment events, and employee referrals. We also actively collaborate with key schools, and our accumulated investment in industry-academia collaboration up to now has surpassed 1.2 billion NTD.

Internship Program

MediaTek's intern program is an annual learning and development program for students. In 2020, we provided internship opportunities for 383 students. Both recruitment numbers and participating sites hit record highs. Domestic and overseas students were provided with intern opportunities during their summer vacation or semester in Taiwan, the US, Europe, India, and Singapore.

In order to help interns better understand technological trends, our internship programs are all closely connected to the latest industrial technologies, and the results of intern projects are frequently applied into MediaTek products. We hope that the all-encompassing design of our internship program allows students to come in contact with leading industrial practices at an early stage, and can help to speed their adaptation in the workplace.

Compensation Competitiveness

MediaTek provides sustainable, reasonable, and competitive compensation to attract top-tier talent and strengthen retention of existing employees. Every year the company reviews current compensation levels against market rates, taking macroeconomic indices into consideration, to ensure its competitiveness within the industry. According to 2020 statistics of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), MediaTek’s employees received pays among the leading group of the local semiconductor industry, in terms of average cost of employee remuneration, average salary and median salary of full-time non-managerial employees. MediaTek designs compensation policies that comply with local demands and standards, and which are based on local regulations, industry practice, and talent-market conditions at our respective operational sites; our compensation policies do not discriminate based on gender, nationality, race, age, or religion.