Employee Development

MediaTek firmly believes that the key to success is "uniting talent through core values". By practicing the core values, we constantly seek to innovate and make breakthroughs in products, technologies, processes, and services. We aim to inspire conviction, establish ethical collaborations and a strong team spirit to unlock the creativity potential in all employees.

MediaTek's training is designed around our core values, global operation, and strategic development. We designed training blueprints for senior management, mid-level management, entry-level managers, general employees, and all Company units; providing comprehensive training in corporate culture, goal establishment, and leadership capabilities. This is supported by diverse learning resources such as e-learning, thereby achieving cultural transference, strengthening management competence at all managerial levels, and realizing our goal of cultivating talent capabilities.

Talent cultivation program

Considering development goals from different angles, we offer complete talent-cultivation program, to assure the strength of high-quality talent pool and consolidate the leadership and management capability of management at various levels.
The program includes talent cultivation and development for ranking managers, which covers members of the board of directors, high-potential talent development, and cultivation of leadership and professional capabilities of managers, formulating personal development plan for managers and other employees to foster momentum for their sustainable career development via a complete and diverse education and training system.

Diverse learning resources and channels

MediaTek invests heavily in talent training and development. Our managers help employees establish an annual IDP (Individual Development Plan) according to individual work content, performance evaluation results and career development needs. These serve as a reference for employee training plans.

Performance management and development

MediaTek's Performance Management & Development (PMD) system is a two-fold mechanism: goal-setting / individual development planning coupled with bi-directional performance feedback mechanism. PMD aims to facilitate optimal individual performance and thus enhance organizational performance.

Channels for internal job transfer

With a high regard for employees' intention on career development, MediaTek inaugurated internal jobapplication mechanism in Sept. 2019, giving employees various development opportunities around the world and increasing the magnitude for career development, so that they can find suitable jobs. The goal is to facilitate internal talent flow and creation of a friendly workplace.

In 2019, the company provided over 100 job openings, browsed by over 3,400 employees worldwide. Out of 82 applicants, nearly 40% were accepted and transferred successfully within four months of application.