Employee Experience

MediaTek values employee experiences and strives to help each employee enjoy their work. Employees derive positive experiences from different things, so we are active in communicating with our employees as we seek to understand their motivations through a variety of channels. We provide benefits that exceed legal compliance requirements and aim to take care of the physical and mental health, and the work-life balance. We have established an inclusive workplace that allows each employee to fully shine and grow on the international stage.

Employee communication

To maintain an open and fair communication environment, MediaTek promotes its "Global Communication Guidelines" and its "5C Model" to employees, which is composed of "Common language", "Consider others", "Clarify and Rephrase", "Clarify understanding", and "Concise content". This helps to ensure effective communication between employees during inter-region and cross-language team meetings, written correspondence, and phone calls.

Employee survey

Starting from 2004, MediaTek has commissioned consulting company to conduct periodic employee survey and make improvement, according to the results. In 2019, 11,074 employees at 27 business sites worldwide responded to survey, at a response rate of 82%. 6,555 of the respondents made open-end answers, 19% more than the previous year, underscoring their belief that their opinions matter.

Comparison with the previous survey in 2016 shows that rates of favorable response to several items needing improvement, including corporate goal, performance management, and communication, all increased by three to five percentage points.

Based on analysis of the results of the employee survey, improvement programs were drafted for implementation:

  1. For the company as a whole, the main focus will be optimization of global communication, increase in employees’identification with corporate goals and mission, invigoration of two-way communication, and consolidation of the talent tool via attractive compensation package.
  2. The four common dimensions where the business and functional units will focus their effort on are communication, career development, management, and team cooperation.

Benefits Policies

The work-life balance of our employees is important, and MediaTek provides benefits that exceed legal compliance requirements, including a total of 19 vacation days in addition to legally required sick leave, marriage leave, and pregnancy check-up leave, increasing the convenience for our employees. Additionally, we also provide one day of paid volunteer leave each year, encouraging our employees to give back to society. For employees with pregnant spouses, we also provide 2 additional days of paternity leave.

Establishment of Healthy Workplace

Workplace for You

Office with humanized design

MediaTek has high regard for safe and suitable workplace. Via communication with employees on office layout in advance, MediaTek endeavored to create a quality office environment for the Wireless Communication Building inaugurated in 2019. Specifically,

  • the spaces are equipped with ergonomic chairs and cozy lighting fixtures;
  • employees engaged in the design for furniture and walls of the lounges on each floor;
  • cool/hot corridors of datacenters were separated to increase comfort for IT staff.

Healthy and hygienic catering options

MediaTek's employee canteen includes 21 eateries and enjoys an average of more than 90% daily use, with around 15,000 diners. Canteen eateries include foreign cuisine, combo platters, chain stores, fruit and juice bars, noodles, and vegetarian cuisine, providing our employees with a wide variety of eating options. Management requires that food safety and quality is prioritized.

Sound work environment and stress relief

  • Massages: In 2019, we hired 31 blind masseuses that provided services for a total of 18,099 employees. Reservation rates were consistently 100%.
  • On-site medical team services: a medical team from the Hsinchu Branch of NTU Hospital works on-site 24 times per month and provides professional one-on-one consultation services to our employees. A total of 1,455 reservations were made throughout the year.
  • Gym: Gym equipment and exercise space has been established in all office buildings. Daily usage rates for the gym is 100.

Protection of maternity health

The team at our wellness center created exclusive pacifier clips and teethers for babies of MediaTek employees.Each building has a lactation room stocked with equipment; we have a total of 16 rooms that can accommodate at least 30 employees at the same time. The wellness center manages a list of employees that require maternity protection; those listed are required to undergo individual hazard assessments, graded management, and health protection and other fitness assessments with a doctor before and after childbirth.

Physical and mental health care

Health checks and management

Every year, each employee is entitled to 6,500 NTD in health check expenses and a half day of health-check leave, exceeding legal compliance requirements. Managers level-1 and up can enjoy 15,000 NTD in health check expenses and a full-day leave. Apart from physical health, MediaTek values the mental health of our employees.

When employees are undergoing health checks, they can fill out a "Self-perception scale survey". This enhances the self-perception of each employee and helps them to better understand their mental state. Additionally, psychologists at the wellness center provide subsequent care and follow-up on employees at risk and transfer potential high-risk cases for professional assistance. In 2019, 97% of employees applied for health check subsidies, and total health check expenses were 54.21 million NTD.

Employee assistance program

To build a healthy workplace environment, the Company provides comprehensive internal and external employee assistance programs. In terms of external programs, MediaTek collaborates with Newmind EAP Consultant Co. so that our employees can undergo stress-free, private and professional psychological and legal counseling and consultation. Fees for up to three hour-long sessions are borne by the Company. In terms of internal employee assistance programs, we have formulated the "Level 1, 2, 3 mental health prevention program":

Workplace health and safety

With high regard for employees' safety, the company conducted hazard identification and risk evaluation forcritical operation or events with higher potential hazard, in quest for zero disaster at workplace.

Since 2015, the company has been holding comprehensive evacuation drills regularly, outperforming peers, to familiarize all the employees with the evacuation routes, assembly sites, and participant count. In 2019, with the added items of fire extinguishing and aid for the injured, drills took place at office buildings in Hsinchu, Zhubei, and Taipei, with attendance totaling 7,583, 2,064 more than 2018's 5,519. To assure environmental safety without any blind spot, the company provides irregular safety reminders to employees and visitors and conducts regular inspection of office, public area, meeting rooms, laboratories, customer offices, and equipment areas for environmental and operational safety.

Maintaining work-life balance

Club activities

There were 61 employee clubs in 2019, including such new ones as Chubei yoga club, MTED (MedieTek version of TED talk), and Chubei bowling club, with the number of employees attending at least one club exceeding 2,600. The company subsidizes employees for attending those clubs.

Family Day activities

As part of MediaTek’s commitment to work-life balance and family bonding, we host and invite employees and their families to our annual Family Day, where activities such as sports days, fetes, concerts, or funfair tours are held. The Family Day for 2019 was held at the Hsinchu County Stadium. Around 17,500 employees and family members attended. Satisfaction at the event was recorded at 80%, up by 2 percentage points compared with last year.

Benefits and subsidies

To adhere more closely to the needs of each employee, we launched a "flexible benefits" policy in 2019, providing combined subsidies for travel expenses, major purchases, entertainment, additional health check items, and/or group insurance for family members. Employees can allocate the amount to any one up to five of the above categories. The usage rate in 2019 increased from 95% to 97%.

Family care

MediaTek works to establish a tight-knit network between the Company, its employees and their family members through a range of benefits, activities and communication changes. By promoting family harmony and positivity, we aim to create a virtuous cycle between our employees and their families, thus bringing more positivity into society.

In response to widespread expectation among employees, MediaTek unveiled in-house preschool project in 2017. Upon inauguration in 2019, it took 120 students in the first year, giving them a good learning environment for a happy childhood.

Major features of the preschool include:

  • Occupying 600 pings (one ping equals 36 square feet) in space, it is the largest such facility in Hsinchu Science Park.
  • It offers extended child care, free of charge, until 8:00 p.m., for employees, when they are at work.
  • The facility was disinfected with ultraviolet germicidal lamp every night, to uphold children's health.
  • It complies with legal requirement in teacher-student ratio and hardware/software, boasting innovative teaching methods, integrating game and learning, to help children explore the worlds of science and art.

Diverse and inclusive workplace

MediaTek strictly adheres to local laws and regulations and complies with the International Bill of Human Rights, maintaining employee freedom of association and endeavoring to eradicate violation of human rights. We prohibit all discriminatory behaviors during employment, and we do not discriminate against employees based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, political affiliation, or religion. All employees must sign written labor contracts according to law. Our Work Rules clearly stipulate that there should be no incidence of forced labor, and employee work hours are set in accordance with labor laws. In Taiwan, if we need to terminate employee contracts due to special circumstance, we give advance notice of termination and subsequently provide relevant severance payments according to the Labor Standards Act. Below are some of the areas included in the company's human-rights policy:

Female employment

MediaTek is committed to creating a friendly and fair workplace for our female employees. In 2019, the proportion of female employees at MediaTek and our global subsidiaries was around 19% of all employees. The number of female employees in the R&D/technical departments was 2,097 (16.4%), which is higher than the 13-15% average of female graduates of electronics, electrical engineering, and computer science disciplines in Taiwan. The proportion of female employees for 2019 slightly increased on-year. In comparing the annual 2019 salaries of permanent male and female engineering employees the salary ratio is 1:1.

In 2015, the Women in Tek (WIT) circle was founded at our Shenzhen office to facilitate exchanges of life and work experiences and insights between participants (dubbed WITers). Branches were set up subsequently in Wuhan, Hefei, and across the U.S. To date, global membership has exceeded 300, and the activities have bonded and inspired mutual growth in women who work in this specific tech company.

Women in Tek was launched in the Taiwan headquarters in November, 2019 in the name of "female growth circle." In its first event, Dr. Chang Li-Feng, CTO of the New-Generation Communication Technology Office of the Ministry of
Economic Affairs, shared with 120 female employees her career and experience as a woman in tech.

Sexual harassment Prevention

To ensure that employees can enjoy an environment of equality and respect, we established "Grievance Reporting and Disciplinary Procedures for Prevention of Sexual Harassment," a Sexual Harassment Grievance Response Committee, hotline for prevention of sexual harassment (21999), and grievance reporting email inbox (call21999@mediatek.com) to handle matters of equality in the workplace, all of which according to the "Act of Gender Equality in Employment", "Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace", "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act", and "Regulations of Sexual Harassment Prevention." Starting from June 2015, our class for prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace became mandatory for all employees. Class completion rates for new hires in 2019 were 100%. In 2019, 1 incident of sexual harassment was sent to our grievance reporting inbox, handled, and concluded. Subsequent promotion across business and functional units have been arranged.