MediaTek Foundation

Knowledge drives a better future

In addition to developing cutting-edge, groundbreaking technology, MediaTek is also proactively fulfilling its social responsibilities and striving to establish a firm foothold in Taiwan. Recognizing that technological talents are the cornerstone on which Taiwan’s competitiveness is built, the “MediaTek Foundation” was founded in December 2001 to promote technology education and social care. For nearly 2 decades, the Foundation has actively supported social engagement and public welfare, forging ahead side-by-side with Taiwanese society. MediaTek believes the popularization of knowledge and technology is crucial to enhancing the competitiveness of our next generation. A platform that lowers the barrier to obtaining knowledge and facilitates the application of knowledge is the best gift that we can bestow upon our future generations. The value proposition of the MediaTek Foundation is : “Knowledge drives a better future”, where “Popularization of Knowledge” and “Innovative Applications of Technology” are the means of catering to the needs of society in ensuring a better future. Through the Foundation, MediaTek is able to turn the Company’s innovative R&D strength into momentum for technology education and industry development within Taiwan. Furthermore, we are eagerly seeking collaboration with the government, academia, and the private sector. Inspired by the 4 themes of “Social Innovation”, “Accessibility to Scientific Education”, “Talent Cultivation”, “Public Welfare and Social Engagement”, we have invested nearly NT$1.5 billion over the past decade in the field of education promotion, industry development, society, and culture to foster prosperity in Taiwan.

Social Innovation

MediaTek is prepared to facilitate prosperity in Taiwanese society with our profound prowess in R&D, where the “Innovative Application of Technology” will develop solutions for social problems. Consequently, MediaTek has offered its technology and resources in collaborating with the government, private sector, and academia in an effort to generate the greatest benefit for society. The initiatives include designing a high-tech disease prevention program in conjunction with academia and local municipalities, hoping to combine IoT applications with public health expertise in order to effectively control vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever, in turn protecting the safety and health of the public. Another project was launched by applying IoT technology to guarantee campus safety, as well as the mental and physical wellbeing of school children.

Accessibility to Scientific Education

Taiwan’s rigorous education system has laid a sound foundation for the country’s booming economic prosperity in the past, but the key to improving our future competitiveness is by popularizing and deepening technology education. Since 2002, the Foundation has promoted the “Science Education Popularization and Improvement Program”, sponsoring elementary schools nationwide to conduct science fairs and research in an attempt to elevate our school children’s interest in popular science and their practical skills. Faced with important issues such as the ecosystem of popular science education, the Foundation has invested additional resources to organize teacher training courses and create a maker education ecosystem in various municipalities, where the 3 strategic levels of “City”, “School” and “Talent” are implemented to facilitate popular science education in Taiwan.

Talent Cultivation

For over a decade, the Foundation has invested more than NT$900 million to establish its Innovation Research Center with academia and form an industry-academia alliance, thus making MediaTek one of the earliest high-tech firms to do so, and the amount of our investment is also unrivaled in the country. In total, over 500 industry-academia collaboration projects have culminated in numerous cutting-edge technologies that in turn solidify Taiwan’s leadership position in the international high-tech industry.

Public Welfare and Social Engagement

MediaTek is willing to fulfill the needs of society. Besides lending our support to the public in times of crises and emergencies, we have also encouraged our employees to engage with and make contributions to society. In 2015, MediaTek launched “Volunteer Holiday”, inviting our colleagues to participate in volunteer work in order to care for society and those in need. In the future, we will plan and organize corporate volunteer programs by emphasizing long-term perspectives. Activities such as popular science promotion, remote township book clubs, and charity will be conducted to make contributions to society.