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MediaTek Kompanio

MediaTek Dimensity 920
Infographic |  Chip

MediaTek Dimensity 810
Infographic |  Chip


Available Logos are approved for usage by MediaTek, Inc.

The integrity of all of our logo variations must be respected at all times. Using the logo incorrectly can create confusion and inconsistency for our brand. 

Primary Logo  |  PNG | AI

Primary Logo - White  |  PNG or AI

Primary "Powered by" Logo - Black  |  PNG or AI

Primary "Powered by" Logo - White  |  PNG or AI

MediaTek Kompanio Logo - PNG

MediaTek Dimensity Logo |   PNG

MediaTek Helio Logo - Black  |  PNG or AI

MediaTek Helio Logo - White  |  PNG | AI

MediaTek Helio "Powered by" Logo - Black |  PNG | AI

MediaTek Helio "Powered by" Logo - White |  PNG | AI

Chip Images

Available chip images are approved for usage by MediaTek, Inc.

MediaTek Corporate Chip White or Black

5G SoC Branded Chip | Download

M80 Branded Chip |  Download

MediaTek TV Chipset  |  Download

MediaTek Helio Chip  |  White Black

P90 Branded Chip  |  White |  Black

P70 Branded Chip |  Download

M70 Branded Chip  |  Download

A22 Branded Chip  |   Download

P60 Branded Chip |  Download

P95 Branded Chip |Download

G85 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 1100 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 920 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 900 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 820 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 810 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 800U Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 720 Branded Chip  |  Download

MediaTek Dimensity 700 Branded Chip  |  Download

G25 Branded Chip  |  Download

G35 Branded Chip  |  Download

P22 Branded Chip  |  White Black


Available Infographics are approved for usage by MediaTek, Inc.

Dimensity 1200 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 1000 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 920 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 900 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 820 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 810 Infographic  |  Download

Dimensity 720 Infographic  |  Download

G85 Infographic  |  Download

G25/G35 Infographic  |  Download


MediaTek Helio G Series & HyperEngine Infographic | Download

MediaTek M80 InfographicDownload

Smart Homes Powered By MediaTek Download

TV Infographic |  Download

P95 Infographic  |  Download

G80 Infographic  |  Download

MediaTek Helio P70 Infographic  |  Download

MediaTek Helio P60 Infographic  |  Download

MediaTek 5G SoC Infographic  |  Download

MediaTek Helio P90 Infographic  |  Download