MediaTek Ventures

Creativity is at the core of everything we do at MediaTek, and we want to share our passion with like-minded companies.

Our mission

We want to make life better for everyone through technology, and we think one of the best ways to achieve that is by nurturing new ecosystems with strategic investments in all sectors. 

Changing the world together

As a global business, MediaTek Ventures isn’t constrained by geography and we invest in the venture and expansion stages of new companies. 

The MediaTek Advantage

MediaTek’s business is built on making technology more accessible and more affordable for everyone. 

Since we were established in 1997, we’ve developed considerable expertise in areas that are shaping this new digital age, from smartphone to smart TVs, home entertainment to home automation, and technology both wireless and wearable. 

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Our investment is more than just financial

We work with startups to build relationships with key global partners in technology sectors, advise on best business practices, and assist with market research and R&D.

MediaTek is about investing in the future

We specialize in innovation, whether in technology, markets or business models. With a $300 million fund taken directly from our balance sheet, we not only seek companies who think big and want to change the world, but who also need the resources to realize their ambitions.

The heart of what we do is creative

Creativity to design smart technology that is affordable and accessible to improve lives. And, we want to share this passion with like-minded companies, big or growing, across the five continents.

Partnership Across Disciplines

We partner with developers, inventors, tinkerers, and innovators. 

Regardless of their areas of expertise, we strive to build bridges between groups that together can transform the world.