In the Period of 1 year, learn so many thing which not even able to imagine. Some concepts learn by self and others from the member of the team. I was excited about the work in MediaTek from Day 1 and till now the excitement remains the same. I just love the work and working culture in the MediaTek. 

After the first interaction with our team found that I am in right place with right people. Each one of the team member had a ocean of knowledge with decades of experience level and learning 1 concept each day was a habit. From day 1 my theoretical knowledge getting tested by the Practical experience. In whole 1 year I have taught from the bottom of the line to top from each individual of my team. 

About my team I don’t have any words to describe for their support. From day 1 they believed in us and gave a confidence that you have the potential to do contribution to the team. I never thought that I will get this much support from my team, it’s like a family and we are growing children’s there. Thank you MediaTek.