Beetel Launches Feature Packed 3G Phone - TD590 Powered by MediaTek

Mar 21, 2011 - 4:03 PM

March 21st 2011 - Beetel Limited has recently launched a slew of new phones in the market. Among them is TD 590, a feature packed 3G phone with all the latest features powered by MediaTek, one of the premier chipset designing and technology software makers for mobile phones.

It is one of the latest products in the market complete with all the specifications and features expected from a modern multimedia phone. It boasts of 3G compatibility with a front VGA camera for smooth video-calling and a 3.2MP rear camera for high resolution pictures. It is a Dual-SIM handset with EDGE and 3G speeds for lightning fast downloads. It also supports motion sensing for a real gaming experience and widgets for social networking on Facebook, Nimbuzz, Yahoo etc. For more entertainment options, there is support for Stereo Bluetooth playback, FM Radio with recording and java compatibility.

“We decided to enter the phone business because of it huge potential and high growth figures. Our latest offering TD590 is a feature packed 3G phone with twin cameras. A 3G phone with video calling at this price might be unheard of in the market till now. More of multimedia features will surely make it appealing to potential buyers. Our partnership with MediaTek will go a long way in the TD590’s success” said Vinod Sawhny – Executive Director and CEO, Beetel Teletech Limited.

TD 590 from Beetel supports all high-res video formats with the user-interface having animated effects for a pleasing experience while navigating. The sound output is also better compared to other offerings as it benchmarks high quality speech yet again. This and all the other features are run by a high-end chipset from MediaTek which lies at the heart of all the functions of the TD590. It is superior to any of the other chipsets available in the market.

“TD 590 is one of the few handsets in the market that offer high-end features at low end prices. It supports 3G with video calling among other heavy duty multimedia functions. All of these require high end processing power which is enabled by our processor running at the heart of this phone. It is based on the ARM 9 technology.” says Grant Kuo, Managing Director of MediaTek Technology India.


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