China Mobile Collaborates with Intel, HP and MediaTek to Deliver 5G Connected Modern PC Experiences to World’s Largest Network

May 17, 2021 - 1:00 PM

HSINCHU, Taiwan — May 13, 2021 — China Mobile will join forces with HP, Intel and MediaTek to collaborate on 5G-enabled PCs for the next-generation of connected modern PC experiences.

Since last year, the digital economy has helped drive economic recovery in many regions. During COVID-19, emerging applications like online education, remote work and digital entertainment such as streaming have flourished. This has ignited the rapid development of new business practices, models and services to demonstrate the continued growth and strong potential of the digital economy.

The 5G industry, which is developing rapidly in China, is helping to accelerate this shift. According to a report from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are now 280 million 5G mobile phone users in China, accounting for more than 80% of the global 5G market. As the 5G industry gradually matures, China Mobile will further expand cooperation with partners in addition to mobile phones, more form factors of 5G products, help 5G enabling more areas, and accelerate the development of digital economy.

The four partners believe that 5G connected modern PCs will play a more significant role than ever in online education and workstyle innovation. The growth of connected PCs will make a significant contribution to society and various industry sectors. China Mobile, as the world’s largest and leading mobile operator in 5G subscriptions, is collaborating with HP, Intel and MediaTek in 5G connected PC go-to-market strategy, providing end-users with 5G data packages and quality mobile services.

As a leading global IT company, HP will focus on advanced 5G PC product design and innovation, adding 5G connectivity to its PC product portfolio while expanding China Mobile’s 5G use cases and improving the connected PC end-user experience. HP will be introducing premium 5G Connected notebook PCs and value-added services in the near future and will bring new, enhanced experiences to users for online education, remote work, video streaming, video broadcasting, 5G cloud Gaming etc.

Intel as an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives, will contribute expertise in PC platform innovation and performance to provide modern computing technology for China Mobile’s 5G PC applications.

MediaTek, as one of the top global 5G modem chipset companies, will deliver the 5G modem technology and solution (leading SA and NR CA solution) for 5G connected modern PCs that support China Mobile 5G mobile services.

We (“4-Partners”) will also co-develop value propositions for targeted markets through strategic partnership , leveraging China Mobile 5G services, Intel computing technologies, HP advanced PC product portfolio and client Apps and MediaTek 5G modem solutions, to practice the value proposition of the targeted market.

China Mobile’s business strategy is focused on “three multi, three new,” working to continuously improve multi-mode and multi-frequency capability, accelerate multi-form factor development as well as provide new services, benefits and models to better meets the needs of consumers, home and industries in more areas.

“Since the commercialization of 5G, consumers have quickly shifted from buying 4G devices to purchasing 5G devices as the popularity of 5G explodes,” said Wang Hengjiang, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd. “It is critical to continue to accelerate product innovation and make further breakthroughs in the 5G industry at this stage. 5G connected PCs will enable users to connect with 5G networks for working, learning and entertainment with super high-speeds and seamless connectivity. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with our industry partners to bring more 5G products of multi-form factors and to deliver better user experiences.”

“The widespread application of 5G will bring unprecedented experiences to consumers' life, entertainment and work, and deliver far-reaching impact on the industry value chain," said Mr. Fan Zijun, Vice President of China HP and General Manager of China Consumer Products Division, "We are honored to work together with China Mobile, Intel and MediaTek, on this journey of 5G exploration. With HP's relentless focus on PC innovation for customers, as well as each partner’s platforms and technology expertise, we will be able to build a vibrant ecosystem that gives Chinese consumers and industries new use cases and experiences.”

“Intel is committed to delivering the best, modern connected PC experiences, and we look forward to working more closely with China Mobile, HP and MediaTek to deliver 5G enabled PCs. Together, we will help bring high performance, highly mobile PCs optimized to more people, so they can achieve their best from anywhere,” said Chris Walker, corporate vice president and general manager of the Mobile Computing Group at Intel Corporation.

“Our 5G modems expressly designed for connected PCs are the new 5G gateway for Intel’s leading PC platforms. This is integral to making 5G accessible and available across home and mobile platforms,” said MediaTek President Joe Chen. “5G will usher in the next era of PC experiences, and working with Intel, an industry leader in computing, highlights MediaTek’s expertise in designing 5G technology for global markets. With this partnership, consumers will be able to browse, stream and game faster on their PCs, but we also expect them to innovate with 5G in ways we have not yet imagined.”

This "4-Party collaboration" will accelerate the promotion of 5G connected PC product innovation, expand 5G connected PC using scenarios, and continue to enrich 5G applications, to provide consumers with quality products and user experience.


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