Dual Cameras and Selfies Still Rule, but Survey Shows Other Features Figure More Than Expected in Choosing a Smartphone

Survey finds face beautification and AR stickers are used twice as often by younger consumers

Oct 17, 2018 - 6:00 PM

HSINCHU, Taiwan – Oct. 17, 2018 – MediaTek today announced the results of a survey it conducted with Qualtrics measuring the most popular camera features in smartphones today according to U.S. consumers. The survey results highlight the popularity of dual cameras, portrait mode, HDR and other premium smartphone features that have become more accessible to mid-market consumers over the past few years. The results also showcase how AI-driven features like face beautification and augmented reality (AR) stickers are used regularly, particularly by younger consumers, to enhance users’ photos and videos.

“As a global leader powering billions of devices around the world, the mobile trends we’re seeing across markets are very much in tune with these survey findings. Dual cameras, for example, used to be reserved for flagship devices and have now become the norm for mid-market devices,” said Kent Davis, General Manager of Global Marketing at MediaTek. “Furthermore, the frequency of younger consumers taking selfies and using AI enhancements like face beautification has driven an influx of smartphones with supersized front cameras to take selfies to the next level. At MediaTek, we’re proud to enable innovative devices with these cutting-edge features consumers expect, at an affordable price point.”

Key findings in the survey include:

  • Younger consumers are captivated by selfies: Respondents ages 18-24 admitted to taking selfies nearly once every two days.
  • Dual cameras and instant focus are a priority: Respondents ages 18-24 ranked dual-cameras as the most important camera feature for smartphones, while respondents in other age groups named instant focus as the most important camera feature. HDR ranked as the second most important smartphone feature.
  • Portrait mode is a hit: Respondents reported using portrait mode 42 percent of the time they take a picture.
  • AR stickers cater to younger users: AR stickers are used nearly 30 percent of the time by respondents ages 18-44, more than twice as much as respondents ages 45-54 (13 percent) and more than five times as much as respondents ages 55+ (six percent).
  • Face beautification usage skews younger: Respondents ages 25-44 said they use face beautification more than a third of the time (34.5 percent) they take photos, more than twice as much as respondents ages 45-55+ (15.5 percent).

The survey also analyzed how consumers rank smartphone features when evaluating devices.

  • Battery life ranked as the most important feature for smartphones, illustrating the need for power-efficient chipsets that enable consumers to enjoy their devices for longer in between charges.
  • Smartphone preferences vary across different demographics. Consumers ages 45-55+ place a greater emphasis on a smartphone’s carrier as a critical smartphone feature, compared to consumers ages 18-44 who ranked a phone’s carrier as being one of the least important aspects of a smartphone.
  • Checking emails ranked as the most popular smartphone activity overall, with respondents saying they check their emails an average of 26.3 days per month.

While consumers want the latest camera features and other cutting-edge innovations, it’s clear that users still rely heavily on their devices to get and share information so robust connectivity is absolutely essential.

To meet the demands of consumers, MediaTek will expand its acclaimed Helio P series with the addition of two new chipsets in the next few months. These new chipsets will continue the company’s legacy of powering New Premium devices with the latest camera features, advanced connectivity and AI enhancements, without the premium price tag.

To see more findings from the survey, please visit: https://www.mediatek.com/blog/spotlight-shines-on-mediateks-best-smartphones-of-2018


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