MediaTek and Unity China Collaborate on Raytracing and Generative AI Solutions to Create a New Standard for Next-Generation Mobile Gaming Experiences

Jul 26, 2023 - 2:00 PM

HSINCHU, Taiwan – July 26, 2023MediaTek and Unity China announced that MediaTek's Dimensity 9200 and Dimensity 9200+ flagship mobile 5G chips have officially become the native platforms for the Unity engine in the Chinese market. Through the convergence of hardware and software, developers can unlock the full potential of the Dimensity 9200 series to create raytracing-enabled mobile games that provide gamers with an immersive light-and-shadow virtual world experience, while also offering a more effective development environment to creators.

“By combining Unity China's strength of innovative technologies with our focus on game technology solutions and generative AI, developers and gamers will be able to carry out projects that take entertainment to an unprecedented new level of innovation," said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek's Wireless Communications Business Unit, "Our collaboration with Unity China is not just a technical cooperation; it’s also a way to promote the development of the mobile gaming industry, allowing developers to build and create new gaming experiences more effectively."

Mr. Junbo Zhang, CEO of Unity China, said, "MediaTek's advanced chip technology provides excellent performance and innovative user experiences. We are very honored to work with MediaTek to create a more advanced mobile development environment for Chinese developers. Unity China has always been committed to the Chinese local market and tapping into the technical needs of local developers. We are actively adapting to more domestic hardware and software platforms and operating systems in the hope of co-operating with more outstanding domestic enterprises in the future, to build a richer and more prosperous local science and technology ecosystem together."

The rapid development of the mobile gaming industry is increasing the demand for high-quality and immersive experiences that mirror the sophistication seen in PC and console gaming. MediaTek and Unity China’s collaboration of respective resources and technical advantages will better serve game developers, creating a strong productivity environment for next-generation mobile games.

Enabling raytracing in next generation mobile games

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 series is the first to offer mobile hardware raytracing technology, and a number of mobile games developed using the Unity engine now support raytracing on 5G smartphones powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 series.

Based on the Vulkan standard Ray Query technology, MediaTek has optimized the "three elements" of raytracing - soft shadows, light reflection, and light refraction. With the launch of devices equipped with the Dimensity 9200 series mobile chipset, more and more mobile game developers will utilize ray tracing technology to create more realistic and gorgeous game content, allowing players to enjoy the immersive gaming experience brought about by real physical light and shadow technology.

Unity China has brought Ray Query technology based on Vulkan and Unity URP to developers on the Dimensity 9200 series mobile chips. It not only provides developers with the infrastructure for mobile ray tracing, but also realizes soft shadows, ambient occlusion (AO), refraction, and reflection as the default ray tracing effects. With the technical support provided by MediaTek, the performance output is strong and stable when ray tracing is enabled, which provides developers with a sample case for reference, thus greatly improving the efficiency of Unity developers to put ray tracing into practice.

In the future, both parties will continue to strengthen cooperation and exploration in the field of ray tracing technology, creating better ray tracing technical support and a more convenient and efficient development environment for developers, and helping developers to successfully obtain the admission ticket for next-generation mobile games.

Exploring generative AI to create cutting-edge creation tools

Another technological wave is the application of generative AI (AIGC), which the gaming industry can apply to design, planning and other aspects, significantly accelerating the efficiency of game development.

Deploying highly tailored generative AI applications and services to run on user devices offers significant advantages over using cloud-only deployments, in terms of reducing running costs, protecting user privacy, and improving real-time response and personalization.

NeuroPilot is a software solution that coordinates the heterogeneous computing units of MediaTek platform CPUs, GPUs, and APUs (discrete AI processors) to improve the efficiency of AI model execution, allowing developers to realize the "Write once, apply everywhere." This not only simplifies the creation process, but also reduces costs and accelerates the time-to-market process.AI developers can use mainstream TensorFlow, Pytorch, TF Lite, Caffe, Caffe2, and other customized third-party general-purpose AI frameworks to build neural network models and plug into the NeuroPilot system to take full advantage of the MediaTek's AI arithmetic system's capabilities, greatly improving the efficiency of models running on the device and reducing power and memory consumption.

As one of the first high-profile game engines to enter the AI space, Unity recently released two platforms for AI-assisted creation, Unity Muse and Unity Sentis. Meanwhile, Unity China is also developing U3D Copilot, with a view to efficiently utilizing AI technology. Among them, Unity Sentis is the first cross-platform solution to enable AI models in a real-time 3D engine, which can be built once and embed your model so it can run on the edge on multiple platforms, from mobile to PC and web to popular game consoles like Nintendo Switch™ and Sony PlayStation®. Since the AI model runs natively directly on the user’s device, there’s no complexity, latency, or cost associated with model hosting in the cloud. In the future, MediaTek and Unity China will continue to work together to create highly efficient, low-power generative AI solutions that empower developers with unlimited creative potential.

Based on MediaTek and Unity China's respective hardware and software advantages, the two companies will embark on a brand-new technological journey in the future, and work together in the field of mobile gaming technology to promote the innovation and landing of technological applications, and empower next-generation mobile game development.

For a long time, MediaTek has always insisted on starting from the user experience and creating an outstanding mobile gaming experience for players with excellent hardware and software technologies. As an important participant, explorer and leader in the mobile gaming ecosystem, MediaTek has made in-depth layouts and investments in mobile gaming technology, and has joined hands with game makers, developers, terminal manufacturers and other ecological partners around the world to accelerate the application of advanced technology, and to continue to lead the development of the next-generation mobile gaming experience through its flagship performance, energy efficiency, and the fast-developing ecosystem in the industry.


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