MediaTek announces the first wave of Wi-Fi Alliance® Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ Products

Jan 10, 2024 - 10:00 AM

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – January 8, 2024 – MediaTek, one of the first adopters of Wi-Fi 7 technology, today announced that it is working closely within Wi-Fi Alliance to launch a complete first wave of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ products, which will be featured as part of MediaTek’s global ecosystem showcase at CES 2024. In an era where people rely on artificial intelligence to improve their lives and productivity, a fast and reliable network ensures consumers and professionals have the connectivity needed to utilize the latest AI tools. These devices, powered by MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 chipsets, represent fast, reliable and always-on connected experiences for a wide variety of consumer and enterprise products, including residential gateways, mesh routers, televisions, streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

“As a technology leader, we make significant investments in formulating the standards that drive the industry, in addition to developing products that utilize those standards,” said Alan Hsu, corporate vice president at MediaTek. “The recent announcement of our family of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 chipset solutions has enabled us to work with Wi-Fi Alliance to provide testbeds for devices on both the access point and client sides, streamlining the product certification process for manufacturers.”

“Over the past two decades, MediaTek has worked diligently with Wi-Fi Alliance to certify their devices and deliver interoperable and reliable chipset solutions to the market,” said Kevin Robinson, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “It is wonderful to have MediaTek included in our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 interoperability test bed, bringing high-quality Wi-Fi 7 devices to market to ensure the best user experience in home and office environments.”

The showcase of Wi-Fi 7 certified products highlights MediaTek’s investment as well as the Filogic Wi-Fi 7 chipset family, all the way from the flagship market segment to the mainstream. This enriches the entire end-product ecosystem and reduces the time to market, expanding the impact of MediaTek Filogic’s technologies into 4 fields, including consumer, broadband, enterprise and automotive.

MediaTek has worked closely with Wi-Fi Alliance in the certification test bed, and has developed the Filogic 880, 860, 380 and 360 chipsets that best exemplify the essence of Wi-Fi 7. This collaboration has made it possible for manufacturer partners, such as Asus, Buffalo, Hisense Visional Technology, Lenovo, Lumen, TCL, TP-Link and more, to provide Wi-Fi 7-enabled devices for a wide range of product categories. Many of these upcoming products will be available on the market this year, and more devices are expected to join the growing ecosystem after achieving certification.

“We have worked closely with MediaTek to bring the best connectivity to our product lineup,” said Rangoon Chang, General Manager of ASUS. “In collaboration with MediaTek’s market-leading Wi-Fi 7 solution, we will be able to provide an unprecedented experience for users around the globe.”

“As a longstanding provider of network products and services in Japan, rapid integration of the latest Wi-Fi technology into our products is crucial,” said Mr. Nobuhiro Tamura, Director and Member of the Board at BUFFALO INC. “Thanks to the exceptional technology and robust support system offered by MediaTek, we are launching a new product that utilizes Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ connectivity to ensure we are providing such high value to our customers.”

“Partnering with MediaTek on their Filogic Wi-Fi 7 technology has enabled us to be the first provider to offer our Quantum Fiber customers an internally developed Wi-Fi 7 device,” said Maxine Moreau, president of Mass Markets at Lumen. “Consumers demand fast, reliable and always-on Wi-Fi connectivity for their applications, and Wi-Fi 7 devices powered by MediaTek will deliver superior quality and drive Wi-Fi innovation to new heights.”

“The commitment of TCL TV to delivering the best user experience with cutting-edge technologies has always remained steadfast,” stated Chen Zhanyuan, Deputy General Manager of Pan-smart Screen BU, TCL Electronics. “With the integration of MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 Technology, our TVs can provide higher throughput, lower latency, and more stable performance, which ensures optimal streaming quality and caters to the diverse needs of our users.”

“MediaTek's investment in Wi-Fi 7 development will affirm product interoperability and stability,” said Pingji Li, VP of TP-Link. “As a longstanding partner of MediaTek, we have made significant strides in our Wi-Fi 7 collaboration over the past year, and our products will deliver faster speeds, less interference, and more powerful Wi-Fi 7 network experiences as a result.”

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