MediaTek Client and Access Point Included in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Test Bed

Jun 20, 2013 - 4:50 PM

TAIWAN, Hsinchu – June 20, 2013 – MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced that its Dual Band 802.11ac Reference Access Point and Dual Band 802.11ac Reference STA have been chosen by the Wi-Fi Alliance for inclusion in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac test bed. As part of the test bed, MediaTek has again proven itself as a provider of benchmark implementations for next generation wireless connectivity technology such as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac.

“We congratulate MediaTek on achieving selection to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac test bed,” said Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa. “MediaTek’s participation in the development of this program has been instrumental in the achievement of an industry-wide certification for this revolutionary new Wi-Fi technology.”

“MediaTek is committed to bringing performance and innovation in the wireless connectivity space to a larger audience,” said SR Tsai, General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Connectivity & Networking Business Unit. “Having actively driven the development of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac test bed, MediaTek has played an important role in proposing fundamental elements of the underlying protocol and driving interoperability testing needed to make the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac suitable for next generation gigabit wireless connections."

MediaTek’s products featured in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac test bed will deliver the full potential of 802.11ac by providing rapid connectivity, extended range, and improved reliability while ensuring the ultimate end-user experiences. Building on its proven technology, MediaTek recently announced the launch of its innovative MT7612x series, the new 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi chipset solutions designed for today’s high volume dual band AP routers, USB dongles and broadband devices.


About MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions. The company is a market leader and pioneer in cutting-edge SOC system solutions for wireless communications, high-definition TV, optical storage, and DVD and Blu-ray products. Founded in 1997 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code "2454", MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales or research subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, U.S., Japan, Korea, Denmark, England, Sweden and Dubai. For more information, please visit MediaTek’s website at