MediaTek Integrates Microsoft Smooth Streaming Client Technology into its Blu-Ray, Digital TV and Media Box Player Line of Solutions

Nov 20, 2012 - 11:41 AM

TAIWAN, HSINCHU – 20 November, 2012 – MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced that Microsoft Smooth Streaming client technology has been integrated into its Blu-Ray Player, Digital TV and Media Box Player line of solutions. With Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology, MediaTek’s highly integrated multimedia solutions are designed to provide high-quality viewing experiences that scale massively on content distribution networks, making true HD 1080p media experiences a reality.

“With video content consumption growing exponentially, content delivery networks and video providers are continually looking to offer customers enhanced viewing experiences,” said Joe Chen, GM of home entertainment business unit, MediaTek. “As a result, the demand for adaptive rate streaming technology such as Microsoft Smooth Streaming, which supports the development of new over-the-top (OTT) video architectures, is increasing. Working closely with Microsoft, MediaTek is able to offer consumers with rich visual experiences of the highest quality”.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology, delivered from IIS Media Services or Windows Azure Media Services, enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and other clients, MediaTek focusing product like Blu-Ray Player, Digital TV and Media Box Player, over HTTP, in order to deliver the best possible playback quality for end users. These technologies can bring enormous user benefits; viewers across the board can start enjoying a compelling, uninterrupted streaming experience, which leads to extended audience engagement and increased revenue opportunities for video service providers. This exciting streaming technology is also available for both on-demand content (Smooth Streaming) and live broadcasts.

With customers’ needs in mind, MediaTek plans to integrate more streaming protocols, such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) with browser applications to fulfill customer and operators restricted requirements.


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