MediaTek Labs Brings Developers Closer to Commercialization with New Development Platform

Apr 10, 2015 - 11:10 AM

TAIWAN, Hsinchu – April 10, 2015 — As part of its global developer initiative, MediaTek Labs today announced the MediaTek LinkIt™ Assist 2502 development platform. LinkIt Assist 2502 is designed for advanced developers looking for a professional environment in which to design and prototype the software and hardware for consumer-ready Wearables and IoT devices.

“Professional developers face many challenges in the lifecycle of device creation, but one such challenge shouldn’t be getting that product to a commercial-ready prototype,” said Marc Naddell, VP, MediaTek Labs. “MediaTek LinkIt Assist 2502, combined with our MediaTek Labs Partner Connect program, allows a developer’s dream to be a consumer’s reality”.

The LinkIt Assist 2502 consists of four feature-rich components: a Software Development Kit (SDK) plug-in for the Eclipse IDE, C-based application programming interface (API), a Hardware Development Kit (HDK), and a module-based hardware reference design to help simplify component integration.

The LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK puts an emphasis on features such as enhanced graphics, image decoder, vector fonts (powered by Etrump) and LCD and touchscreen support. Additionally, developers will benefit from advanced features such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) support for web services authentication, Smart Connection API for Wi-Fi configuration, a notification library for iOS and Android, and over-the-air application and firmware update capability.

The LinkIt Assist HDK is designed to build commercial-ready prototypes and delivers a complete package in the form of the LinkIt Assist 2502 development board from Seeed Studio and LinkIt Assist 2502 modules from AcSiP. The new module-based approach makes it easier to get access to MediaTek chipset technology and simplifies final hardware design for developers. The high performance development board comes with three modules based on MediaTek chipsets, including the MT2502 (Aster) SoC (for GSM/GPRS and Bluetooth 2.1/4.0) and its energy-efficient MT5931 Wi-Fi and MT3332 GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/Beidou) companion chipsets, giving developers a broad range of features in a single board. The development board also comes equipped with a swappable 240x240 16-bit color touch LCD.

MediaTek Labs was launched in September 2014 and provides developers, makers and service providers with SDKs, HDKs and documentation, as well as technical and business support. The first developer offering for Wearables and IoT was the MediaTek LinkIt ONE platform, which has proven to be very popular among the Do-It-Yourself maker community.

The new MediaTek LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK is available for download from MediaTek Labs now. The HDK and modules will ship in Q2 2015. For a full list of features and to gain access to materials, visit


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