MediaTek Labs™ Launches a Developer Centric Ecosystem

Jun 4, 2014 - 9:18 AM

TAIWAN, Hsinchu — June 3, 2014 — MediaTek today announces MediaTek Labs™, a new worldwide ecosystem initiative for developers in support of device creation, application development and services based around MediaTek offerings, to accelerate the reality of the brand vision Everyday Genius.

MediaTek Labs is the company’s latest initiative that builds on its legacy of leadership in providing reference designs and enabling the shortest time to market for its extensive customer and partner base with its system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. It realizes the potential of Everyday Geniuses by enabling developers to create a new ecosystem that will meet the needs of the rising Super-mid market, a group of billions of consumers who want to be connected to a broad range of affordable products and services everywhere.

MediaTek Labs will serve application developers and device makers by creating and launching innovative solutions that are based on supported MediaTek offerings. Initially MediaTek Labs will stimulate and support the creation of wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on MediaTek LinkIt™, a hardware and software development platform launched today.

Leveraging its inclusive ecosystem, the Labs portal will be the central hub for all developer and creator offerings from MediaTek, including software development kits (SDKs), hardware development kits (HDKs), technical documentation, as well as technical and business support to the device maker and application development community.

With its cross-platform capability, the vision for MediaTek Labs extends beyond LinkIt and the IoT, with additional MediaTek offerings and those of relevant partners expected to be offered in the near future.

“A developer centric ecosystem through MediaTek Labs aligns perfectly to our vision of Everyday Genius,” says Marc Naddell, VP of MediaTek Labs. “The MediaTek Labs developer program will enable Everyday Geniuses in the IoT and other markets through the talent and efforts of developers, who overcome obstacles and innovate to bring new things to market, daily.”

“MediaTek has grown into a market leader, but is still a very young and entrepreneurial company, eager to grow and change with the market,” says Johan Lodenius, Chief Marketing Officer of MediaTek. “We identify with creative and driven pioneers in the developer community, and see value in building an ecosystem that is inclusive of their talents and efforts to innovate. Our position is clear, as a horizontally focused chipset platform partner we will contribute to create more value for the ecosystem than we capture.”

With many large and successful companies working with MediaTek as device making customers, channel partners and technology partners, MediaTek looks forward to working with the developer community to evolve the developer program into a broadening ecosystem of partnerships and solutions that captivate the minds of consumers in the growing global Super-mid market.

The MediaTek Labs portal will officially open in the third quarter of 2014. Developers and device makers who are interested in joining the MediaTek Labs program are invited to email to receive a notification once the program launches. For more information and ongoing updates, please go to


About MediaTek

Since 1997, MediaTek has been a pioneering fabless semiconductor company and a market leader in cutting-edge systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, wireless networking, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray. Our tightly-integrated, innovative chip designs help manufacturers optimize supply chains, reduce the development time of new products, and extend a competitive edge in crowded markets. Through MediaTek Labs, the company is also building a developer hub that will support device creation, application development, and services for the Internet of Things era. By building technologies that help connect individuals to the world around them, MediaTek is enabling people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals. We believe anyone can achieve something amazing. And we believe they can do it every single day. We call this idea Everyday Genius and it drives everything we do. Visit for more information.