Ralink is Part of the Wi‐Fi Alliance Test Bed for Wi‐Fi CERTIFIED TDLS and Among the Very First Products to Achieve Certification

Aug 24, 2012 - 2:10 PM

TAIWAN, Hsinchu – 24 August, 2012 – MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today applauded the introduction of the Wi‐Fi Alliance’s Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) program and announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Ralink Technology, has been selected to be in the Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS test bed as the benchmark to drive interoperability testing for the newest Wi‐Fi program. Anticipated as a leap forward in Wi‐Fi technology, Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS is intended for the dynamic creation of direct links between devices in a Wi‐Fi network, simplifying the communication path to one that is direct between the devices, while maintaining a device’s connection to the network.

“We congratulate Ralink on achieving selection to the Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS test bed,” said Wi‐Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa. “Ralink’s participation in the development of this program has been instrumental in the achievement of an industry‐wide certification for this program.”

“Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS devices are able to create a secure, direct link after accessing the Wi‐Fi network to increase performance, reduce latency and avoid interference, thereby improving user satisfaction with Wi‐Fi network performance.," said SR Tsai, General Manager of Wireless Connectivity & Networking BU at MediaTek. “MediaTek’s industry leadership in performance, integration, efficiency and reliability can now bring the powerful new capabilities of Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS to the widest possible range of connected CE devices.”

Wi‐Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) is an optional capability that enables any two devices in an infrastructure Wi‐Fi or Wi‐Fi Direct network to automatically setup a secure, direct link between themselves. Establishing such a link is automatic and requires no user intervention, since TDLS is characterized by the use of signaling frames that are encapsulated in data frames that can be transmitted through the Access Point (AP) transparently. This is known as ’tunneling’ the signaling frame through the AP. Through these direct links which bypass the AP, Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS devices can, in many scenarios, provide an improved user experience with respect to speed of connection and overall bandwidth efficiency. Products certified under the Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS program have been tested for interoperability and WPA2™ security, the current generation of security technology.

MediaTek offers a broad portfolio of high‐performance wireless communication solutions for the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, personal computers and AP/routers. The Wi‐Fi CERTIFIEDTM TDLS Ralink solution included in the test bed is:

  • Ralink 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band Station (RT3800PDSTA3)

The RT3800PDSTA3 has entered mass production and is shipping in commercially launched devices.


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