Today marks 100 days since I started my internship. I still remember each of the 60 days and nights clearly. It was the longest I’ve ever spent in Shanghai. Joanna and the other HR ladies helped me find a place to stay and arranged everything for me to start at the company; the warmth of their welcome almost stopped the rain of the summer. Xin Wang and Tao Ning spent my first few hours drawing up a task schedule for me, which helped me set clear goals for the following two months.

Zhan Wang and Yan Gui never gave up on me and they slowly guided me as I grew from learning basic communication protocols to the difficult IT3. I met Jiayong twice in heated battle on the badminton court after work, and his energy turned me into a hippo (where before I was an elephant).

I left quickly and quietly on my last day. Xiaohui saw me off but I didn’t want to turn around and risk it, I wanted to leave everyone with my smile. Whether in the future we become teammates or rivals isn't important - whenever we meet again, it will be as friends.

Han-bin at MediaTek

-Han-bin, 2014 Intern at MediaTek, Shanghai