Time flies, and I’m almost at the end of my internship… I thank my department supervisor for giving me this opportunity to work and learn from colleagues who are ridiculously talented at what they do, and for letting me experience the differences between the academia and industry, especially the differences between prospective studies and mass production reliability.He really opened my eyes!

In addition, I really like the work environment here, the atmosphere is free and relaxed, and everyone discusses problems and effective solutions together. I want to thank my mentor most of all. He was always happy to guide me when I ran into problems with circuits, and he emphasized that you must always manually calculate the parameters in advance when designing circuits and not just simulate running to spec. This was to understand that the software is just to let you verify the results. My mentor’s strong design foundations left a deep impression on me. The cafeteria and shared facilities here are amazing.

It showed me that though the staff at MediaTek are busy at work, they still use their free time to exercise and take a break for afternoon tea and a chat. Thank you everyone for my time here. My summer internship at MediaTek gave me an early opportunity to experience the world of industry, and gave me more motivation and direction in my future academic research.

Jia Jen Liang at MediaTek

Jia-Jen - MediaTek HQ, Hsinchu, Taiwan.