I’ve been an intern for almost a month now, and I think the best thing about working at MediaTek is the life-work balance. I think everyone knows how capable and busy the staff at MediaTek are, but what I was surprised to learn was how different everybody is after work!

The company offers an excellent health and activity center with an efficient booking system to guarantee access to everyone, and everybody is great at sticking to the rules too. For example, when time’s up everyone gets off their treadmills, whether somebody’s waiting or not. The club's activities are great too, and the activity center really comes alive in the evenings when everybody - from the managers to the interns - head there to work out and play ball.

Everyone acts like they’re trying to buy concert tickets when the massage booking system opens at 9 a.m. every morning. I really feel that life here is full of vitality and passion, and that MediaTek offers a perfect mix of working hard and playing hard!

Jieng Wuen Cai at MediaTek

Jieng-Wuen - MediaTek HQ, Hsinchu, Taiwan.