I am part of the team that designs a chip for mobile phones that is responsible for the operation of transmitter and receiver of the phone. One of the main targets of this chip design is to achieve low power dissipation.  Within the team I am working on the verification of the digital control block of the transmitter side. That is to test and verify that the digital part of the transmitter block operates as expected, according to the specifications. While working on my project I get to use techniques and knowledge that are relevant to digital design and methods that are used in testing.

To perform the testing, we carry out simulations on the design and check the results. This involves using knowledge of Verilog (that is a language used to specify/describe digital hardware) and SystemVerilog (that is a hardware verification language). Starting from the morning, I cycle every day to the office from Cambridge. When I get here, I get a coffee and go to my desk. I talk for a bit with the people around me and then start working. Usually once a week we have a team meeting to discuss the progress of the project. Around 12 pm I take a lunch break and I usually walk to the local supermarket with other colleagues to get some food.  After lunch, I get back to the office to continue work. Usually we have an intern coffee break later in the afternoon. Finally, around 17.30 when I have finished with work, I leave the office and cycle back to Cambridge. 

How would you describe what you are working on in your MediaTek Everyday Genius Internship to other people?

I am part of the team that designs a chip for mobile phones, that is responsible for the operation of the transmitter and receiver within the phone. One of the main targets of this chip design is to achieve low power dissipation.

What have you most enjoyed about your MediaTek internship?

I’ve really enjoyed being involved with a real-time project that many members of the RF team are also working on, rather than working on an individual project.  This has made me appreciate the importance and impact of the project and has also made me feel valuable.

I’ve gained some real-world experience and valuable insights into working in an engineering team outside of university projects.

How would you describe your MediaTek internship in 3 words?

Challenging, rewarding, enjoyable