I currently work as an intern on the MediaTek Everyday Genius program performing design verification for an upcoming mobile device transceiver. It provides me with the capability to apply techniques learned at university in a practical setting, as well as being a valuable experience for the future. 

During my tenure I regularly use the Cadence suite of tools, surrounding Virtuoso, to apply module analysis of components and convert them into a digital equivalent, stripping out any extraneous components not core to the device. This requires the use of analytical and programming skill-sets to debug the hardware descriptive language in use and signal analysis to ensure that the outputs are correct. 

On an average day I liaise with designers, whilst creating test models for their physical schematics, ensuring that the project can proceed with overall testing in a timely manner. If you, what Cutting-Edge, Interesting, Valuable would be the three words for me to describe my internship experience at MediaTek.