I am working on radio link monitoring (RLM) simulations, where I design and modify signal processing algorithms for wireless communications. On the side, I am also improving the GUI diff tool for Excel files I designed during my MediaTek internship last year.

I get to use a Linux command line interface, and a wide variety of languages: Matlab, C++, Python and Arduino C. My favourite thing here is getting to work with real life engineers and solve real world problems! I get a hot drink in the morning, then I start working on any projects I might be assigned for that week. Then I have a lunch break at 12 before getting back to work.

We have a weekly intern catch up for 30 minutes in the late afternoon, where we discuss about our projects over biscuits and tea. I also have meetings with my supervisor at least once a week, to discuss my assigned task. Exciting, Challenging, Useful would be the three words for me to describe my internship experience at MediaTek.