This internship was a great experience to me, as I had no past internship or any job experience in a big company before. I had to be extra cautious with all the information I was handling in MediaTek and remember not to leak out any of it even after the end of my internship. 

As an introvert it makes me feel reluctant to approach and communicate with people around me. This made me think that my internship wouldn't be as nice as I can't approach anyone here, and there was even a point of time that I almost dropped out of the program. But actually I found everything turned around the other way; Mr. Ngu and everyone here are super friendly and nice, they would encourage me and they are willingly to help if I encounter any difficulties in work. 

In MediaTek, I was given the opportunity to expose to a number of new items, giving me an early idea to how real working life in an office will be like. Teaching me to be cautious about how confidential materials are handled, and should be disposed of or moved with proper procedures, even though there might be different ways of handling it. The skills I’ve learnt here, the DRC and scripting, was a fresh and enjoyable experience!