I did my industrial attachment in MediaTek Singapore in the third-year study in Nanyang Technological University.

During this internship, I worked as an engineer in RF test laboratory together with three senior staffs and a few designers. My supervisor first guided me on learning some essential materials for training, and then gave me a few independent tasks. These tasks are quite suitable for an undergraduate student, which lets me combine the knowledge I learned from university and practical skills used in the real work. I finished the tasks successfully with the valuable support from my colleagues. They were a group of people who were very enthusiastic, and there was an easy atmosphere to encourage them to speak out the ideas. Working together with them was quite enjoyable!

Meanwhile, I also earned a lot besides academic development. During the break time, many colleagues shared their opinions and thoughts with me, and thus I got clearer about what IC design industry is, which was very useful for my career planning.

Also, the company organized various interesting activities and welcomed everyone to join. I was also invited to the annual Dinner and Dance. It was a wonderful evening and made me to be a real member of MediaTek family. I would like to thanks everyone for my time in MediaTek. This internship was really a great opportunity and valuable experience!

-Meng Yuan - Nanyang Technological University