It was during my Masters in Integrated circuit design from Nanyang Technical University and Technische University Munich, that I was able to qualify for the highly coveted internship with MediaTek Singapore, RF Division.

The timeline and the extent of my internship project “An analog front end for arterial pressure measurement” had been customized to meet all the course requirements. It was a great opportunity for me to work and learn from the very best, highly experienced designers, the Technical Rockstars of their respective field.

My manager Mr. Wee Lee Liang ensured, that my Internship with MediaTek was to be a fully individualized program, where I was mentored by highly experienced analog designer Mr. Uday Dasgupta , through daily interactions, on a one to one basis. These personalized interactions helped me to learn state of the art design practices and I got to implement them on my internship project.

My initial months of the internship were supported by an extensive training module which comprised of numerous lectures and seminars given by experienced designers, covering exhaustively all nuances of Analog Design. It was also during these months that I got to work on a challenging problem of implementing a behavioral design flow for Analog/RF blocks.

Because of the enriching experience I had, I excitedly grabbed the opportunity to join MediaTek Singapore permanently as a senior engineer, where I hope to grow and learn professionally and eventually contribute to the success story of MediaTek. Finally I would like to thank Mr. Wee Lee Liang and Mr. Uday Dasgupta for supporting me and guiding me through my internship.

Skandkumar Sharma

-Skandkumar Sharma - Technische Universität München (Joint program with Nanyang Technological University)