Community Engagement

▌Commitments and Policies

Setting technology as a competitive foundation for the next generation and working with society, we create a better future through education promotion, industry development, and social humanities.


Social innovationEmpowering talents who are engaged in social innovation
 Short-term: To conduct competitions and provide a platform to present and refine proposals
 Medium and long term: To facilitate the implementation of proposals and establish an influential development blueprint
Solid technological foundationCultivation of technological innovation competence in the next generation
 Short-term: Training of primary and secondary school teachers with a solid foundation in technology-related curricula
 Mid- and long-term: Assistance to primary and secondary schools in the continued provision of technology application clubs or courses
Talent cultivationHigher education and industry-academia collaboration
Short-term: Support for academic research
Mid- and long-term: Joint development of cutting-edge, innovative research
Social welfare and engagementOngoing support for activities and events in the fields of art, culture, and education


Social Innovation Organizing digital social innovation competitions, "Genius for home": 157 townships and districts were reached in Taiwan; 297 proposals were submitted, and 9 teams took actions locally after the competition.
Solid technological foundation STEM "Course Maker" Program: Extended to include 53 elementary and middle schools all over Taiwan
◢ Science in Action Incentive Program for elementary schools: Extended to include 36 elementary schools all over Taiwan
Talent CultivationEncouragement of R&D - Support for three university-level R&D centers Formation of industry-academia alliances in line with government policies; injection of funding and teaching resources in for of industry instructors to support semiconductor college operation
Social Welfare and Engagement◢ Greater Chao Nan Cultivation Plan : Over 1,940 students, faculty members, and local citizens have benefited from this program

▌Core principles of social welfare activities - Deep commitment to the future of our country by harnessing professional expertise

As an innovation-oriented enterprise, MediaTek embarks on the cultivation of technology talent with a focus to train the next generation of professionals with competence in the field of technology application. Implementation paths are divided into "knowledge dissemination" and "knowledge application" based on strategic considerations. Through four key action pillars -"social innovation", "solid technological foundation", "talent cultivation" and "social welfare and engagement", MediaTek continuously cultivates and contributes to Taiwan. It also provides platforms for showcasing relevant achievement and making a meaningful impact.

▌Digital Social Innovation

Harnessing of digital technologies for the solution of social issues is not the sole preserve of private enterprises. MediaTek firmly believes that every citizen has the potential to create unlimited possibilities by
utilizing digital technologies. In 2018, MediaTek launched the digital social innovation competition "Genius for Home" to encourage all members of society to offer solutions for issues affecting their hometowns. In addition, MediaTek provided counseling and grants to support the finalist teams to implement their proposals for two years after the competition.

● Genius for Home

The MediaTek Digital Social Innovation Competition titled "Genius for Home" was launched based on the fundamental belief that "we should all make contributions to improve our hometowns". It calls on all citizens to provide solutions for social issues facing their hometowns through innovative application of digital technologies. Since its inception in 2018, a total of 1,853 proposals for hometown improvement were submitted in five sessions.

To learn more about the impact of technology on local societal issues, please refer to 6.1 "Digital Social Innovation" in MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.

▌Solid Technological Foundation and Talent Cultivation

STEM talent is trained in a strategic manner, dissemination of knowledge is accelerated through a dual-track approach ("technology courses" and "science projects"), and application of knowledge is promoted through "application competitions".

Technology Courses

Pushing reforms inside the educational system and flipping of technology classrooms by joining hands with first-line instructors.

We understand that it takes time to make long-term influence in the education system, and that changes in the education field require preparation and time; therefore, the Course Maker Program, which started in 2021, expanded its support to 1+1 years from 2022. Taking a two-year cycle, the program nurtures elementary and junior high school teachers who have the ability to develop technology courses and helps them offer courses on the application of technology, such as electromechanical control programs, Internet of Things, and AI.

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◢ Science Projects: Science in Action Incentive Program for elementary schools

Bridging the gap between theory and practice - Transition of talent cultivation from knowledge absorption to hands-on practice.

Cultivation of the next generation of professionals who possess the ability to solve problems through hands-on approaches, pragmatic pursuit of the popularization of scientific exploration and practices on our campuses, and focus on the injection of resources into remote areas and regions characterized by a lack of resources.

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 Talent Cultivation - Engagement in Industry- Academia Collaboration and Higher Education Talent Development

MediaTek has been engaged in industry-academia collaboration in the field of higher education since 2002. In 2022, MediaTek invested more than NT 87 million to nurture talents with high education. During the year, we carried out industry-academic projects with various schools, published 81 theses, applied for 9 patents, and participated in various competitions, and won more than 20 awards. Over a quarter of the 240 participated students who participated in the program became interns at MediaTek.

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▌Social Welfare and Engagement

MediaTek demonstrates social solidarity through proactive social engagement and social welfare actions. MediaTek encourages its employees to engage in social interactions in search for focal points for the practice of compassion and contributions to society. The Volunteer Club was officially established in 2012 to expand the social influence of MediaTek through organized and systematic management modes. These efforts have been facilitated by the official adoption of the volunteer leave policy in 2015 which entitles every employee to eight hours of volunteer leave per year. MediaTekers are actively encouraged to participate in social welfare activities to fulfill their civic responsibility. In 2022, MediaTek's volunteer club consisted of 93 volunteers in three groups: the Reading and Writing Group, the Material Collection Group, and the Beach Cleanup Group. The total number of service hours was 1,537.

For more information, please refer to 06 Community Engagement section of MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.