▌Commitments and Policies

We seek to innovate by building a strong team of technical personnel and products, and establishing partnerships with world-class manufacturers. Our internal corporate culture encourages our employees to be innovative while actively interacting with external partners and participating in international technical forums and associations, so that MediaTek can be among the elite in all domains of technology.


Short-term Mass-production of multiple 5G products targeting various customer segments
Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) features through a wide range of functions/ products
Practice the mindset of green design and improve product efficiency
Mid- and long-termParticipate in technical specification organizations proactively.
Practice the 3A strategy in order to enable people at each corner of the world to seize the power of technological innovation.


Innovative products Equipped with high-performance, incredible power efficiency and low power consumption leading flagship 5G SoC - Dimensity 9200
MediaTek released the first "6G Vision White Paper" outlining MediaTek's 6G vision in terms of the three aspects including key technology trends, engineering feasibility, and standardization schedule.
Reduced power consumption of products by 10% and chip sizes by 5%
Innovation cultureContinually host the in-house "Innovation Award" and "Special Contribution Award" to shape the innovation culture
Continually publish papers in the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) and be the only Taiwanese company that has had papers selected for publication for 20 consecutive years
Technical ExchangesThrough the following actions to improve relevant technical skills and development in Taiwan:
Collaboration with business partners
Participation in domestic academic events
Participation in standard organizations
Forward-looking patent strategies Maintained over 13,000 global patents, wherein 1,200 of them were acquired at home and abroad in 2022; 1st place in the IC design industry in Taiwan.
1st place in the Taiwan industry in its number of global patents in 5G, Wi-Fi, and HEVC/VVC.

▌Core concepts

In recent years, MediaTek has continued to invest in cutting-edge research in new fields. In 2021, our R&D investment reached NT$96 billion, which was further increased to NT$116.8 billion in 2022. We will continue to lead global developments in 5G, wireless connectivity and AI industry clusters and bring about digital revolution.

▌Innovation in practice

Talent In order to provide user the best flagship experience and build more innovative living solutions, MediaTek has been proactively reorganizing internal Human Resources over the past few years, transferring several hundred R&D and product personnel to key technical and product development fields such as 5G and AI. Through this action we are continuing to work toward a goal of Technology Leadership.
Culture MediaTek encourages employees to take part in internal and external events and forums, to motivate, inspire, and intensify their engagement in innovation and invention.
 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC):The ISSCC is the world􏘧s largest, most prestigious, and highest-standard conference on solid-state circuits, with thousands of participants from the academia and industry every year. In 2023, ISSCC selected and published 6 papers from the MediaTek Group. Since 2004, MediaTek has had papers accepted by the Conference for 20 years in a row, 91 in total, testifying the Company's extraordinary technological and innovative strength.
Exchanges Tapping into Emerging Opportunities with Value Chain: MediaTek worked with Dolby. In 2022, MediaTek was announced as the first TV chip supplier to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail.
 Participation by Industry Associations: As technologies continue to transform and evolve, MediaTek not only generates new integrated technologies and applications in collaboration with our business partners, but also participates in global industry associations proactively to foster interactions with industry peers and academic institutes that can inspire novel ideas.

●Patent Strategies and Establishment of Industry Specifications

Since its inception, innovation has been the cornerstone of MediaTek􏘧s daily operation. In order to safeguard its precious R&D results, consolidate its global competitiveness, and sustain its technological
leadership in key areas, the company formulated an intellectual property (IP) management plan based on its business goals, with an aim to offer clients worldwide top-of-the-line products and services and pursue leadership in the industry through the mean of "Global Operations, Local Practice".

▌Innovation Achievements

MediaTek's mission is to enrich and enhance everyone's life; however, as the communication technology advances, there are still billions of people have yet experienced the advantages brought about by the technology innovation. Thus, through putting the 3A strategy- Accessibility, Affordability and Availability, into practice, we assist the public in the control of technology innovation with a hope that everyone can benefit from the opportunities of technology and achieve better living. 

In 2022, MediaTek released the first "6G Vision White Paper" outlining MediaTek's 6G vision in terms of the three aspects including key technology trends, engineering feasibility, and standardization schedule, i.e. a flexible multi-dimensional integrated wireless communication system that provides immersive mobile networking services in an ubiquitous manner. Additionally, relying on the technological innovation and breakthrough, such as high performance, high energy efficiency and low power consumption, MediaTek created the brand new flagship 5G SoC-Dimensity 9200 mobile chip for the mobile market, allowing consumers to have the best user experience in full-speed cooling.

To learn more about innovative technologies and achievements, please refer to 2.3 "Innovation Achievements" in MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.

For more information, please refer to 02 Innovation Engagement section of MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.