Board of Directors

To achieve good corporate governance, the main duties of MediaTek’s Board of Directors are including:


Title Name Date Elected Selected Education & Past Positions
Chairman Ming-Kai Tsai July 05, 2021 - Master, Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, USA
- President of the 2nd Business Group, UMC
Vice Chairman & CEO Lih-Shyng Tsai July 05, 2021 - Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering, Cornell University
- Chairman and CEO, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
- President and CEO, TSMC
Director & President Joe Chen July 05, 2021 - Master, Electrical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
- Engineers of Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
Director Cheng-Yaw Sun July 05, 2021 - B.S., Chung Yuan Christian University of Taiwan
- Managing Director, HP China
Director Kenneth Kin July 05, 2021 - Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University, USA
- Senior VP, Worldwide Sales & Services, TSMC
- Microelectronics VP of worldwide sales, IBM
- Professor, Department of Economics, National Tsing Hua University
Independent Director Chung-Yu Wu July 05, 2021 - Ph.D., Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
- President, National Chiao Tung University
Independent Director Peng-Heng Chang July 05, 2021 - Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Purdue University
- VP, Human Resources / Materials Management & Risk Management, TSMC
- Chairman, Motech Industries, Inc.
Independent Director Ming-Tze Tang July 05, 2021 - Ph.D., Business Management, MIT, USA
- Associate Professor with tenure, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Professor and Chair of Industrial and Business Management Department, Chang Gung University
- Visiting Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
- Vice President, National Taiwan University

Board of Director's Self-Assessment of Performance

The Board approved rules for “Board of Directors Self-Assessment of Performance” and from 2016, all Board Directors annually assess the functioning of the Board.

The performance evaluation of the board as a whole via self-evaluation for 2020 covers the following five major areas:

  1. Participation in the operation of the company;
  2. Improvement of the quality of the board of directors' decision making;
  3. Composition and structure of the board of directors;
  4. Election and continuing education of the directors; and
  5. Internal control.

The measurement items for the performance evaluation of individual directors for 2020 covers the following:

  1. Alignment of the goals and missions of the company;
  2. Awareness of the duties of a director;
  3. Participation in the operation of the company;
  4. Management of internal relationship and communication;
  5. The director's professionalism and continuing education; and
  6. Internal control.

The measurement items for the performance evaluation of functional committees for 2020 covers the following:

  1. Participation in the operation of the company;
  2. Awareness of the duties of the functional committee;
  3. Improvement of quality of decisions made Decision-making quality of the functional committee;
  4. Composition of the functional committee and election of its members; and
  5. Internal control.

The evaluation is carried out by the corporate governance unit and is conducted by internal questionnaire responded by the members of the board and functional committees and individual directors.

The above evaluation results will be considered when determining the compensation to the directors.
According to the operation of the board of directors and the level of participation of the directors, the directors evaluate the operation of the board of directors and the directors evaluate the participation of the directors. The results of the performance evaluation will be used as a reference for determining their individual salary.

Every year, after questionnaires are returned, the corporate governance unit will, in accordance with the aforementioned rules, conduct analysis and report the results to the Board, with an emphasis on any areas with room for improvement.

Evaluation Results

The latest evaluation results (2020) are as follows:

Diversification policy for the composition of our Board members

The company has a diversification policy for the board of directors. According to this policy, the composition of the company’s board of directors should be diversified. According to the company’s operations, business models and development needs, the selection of members with diversified backgrounds and perspectives includes but it is not limited to gender, age, nationality, culture, education background, professional background (such as law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing or technology), professional skills and industry experience, etc. In addition, the consideration factors for the nomination of board members also include that the director candidates should have a reputation for integrity, outstanding achievements, experience and reputation in various professional fields, and promise to invest sufficient time to participate in the supervision of the company’s business, and have the ability to assist in operation and management abilities, and contribute to the company’s success. In the case of independent directors, their qualifications shall meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

The current board of directors of the company consists of eight directors, including three independent directors (38%). Members of the board of directors include relevant professional backgrounds in science and technology, finance and economics, and industry experience covers various fields of the semiconductor industry, including upstream wafer foundry (including Rick Tsai, Kenneth Kin and Peng-Heng Chang), IC design engaged by the company (including Ming-Kai Tsai, Joe Chen and Chung-Yu Wu), downstream end product applications (Cheng-Yaw Sun), and financial (Ming-Tze Tang). The board of directors includes experts from industry and academia, in line with the aforementioned diversity policy. The company focuses on the diversity of board members. The board of directors of the company should have at least one director with academic background, at least one director with accounting or finance experience, and at least one director with business management experience. Currently, three of the eight directors have been working in the academic community for a long time (including Professor Chung-yu Wu of NCTU, Professor Ming-Je Tang of NTU and Professor Kenneth Kin of NTHU). One director with finance experience (Ming-Tze Tang), and six directors with business management experience (Ming-Kai Tsai, Rick Tsai, Joe Chen, Cheng-Yaw Sun, Kenneth Kin and Peng-Heng Chang). The board is consist of experts in the industries and has reached the goal of constructing a board of diversity.