During my PhD study at the University of Texas at Dallas, I did my 2011 Summer internship at MediaTek, Woburn. It was a great chance for me to work with a group of the top and most brilliant and experienced engineers in the field of wireless communication.

They helped me work on very important and practical problems and inspired me, proposing novel solutions that improved over the state-or-art technology at that time. In addition, they helped me learn several professional software that are being used at the top companies in the field, e.g., Linux, Perforce, and C programming language.

In fact, the team members did their best transferring as much of their experience in this short period. They were always there when we asked for help and never spared any effort helping and teaching us.

I can comfortably say that my internship at MediaTek was a perfect example of research and development work which is very important for graduate students that helps them find new directions and research topics for their theses or dissertations.

The environment was very friendly and flexible. The HR and IT teams were very helpful and their support to the interns was very remarkable and appreciated.

Given my previous experience with MediaTek, I was very excited to come back to MediaTek, San Jose, in 2014 as a full time employee. I hope I can contribute to the success story of MediaTek in the cellular and connectivity world.

Finally, I would like to thank MediaTek, especially Bill Plumb and Zoran Zvonar for giving me such a great chance to make my way as a communication systems engineer!

Ahmed Gomaa at MediaTek

Ahmad, December 2014 San Jose, CA, USA