I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate who just declared his Major as Computer Science. I go to Brown University and am originally from Los Angeles, CA. 

From eating with the team to working on my project, every experience has been a new one. I like the content and team meetings. In the beginning, it was very daunting and I struggled with even the basics such as setting up my work environment. But from the team meetings with my colleagues and the help of others I have gotten a grasp of the project and it has since been a very rewarding experience. Ironically I have learned to be more independent while at the same time understanding how to contribute well in groups. 

I have some other internship experience, but they are quite different. At HST Solar, I worked on a small project primarily by myself developing a response front end and optimizer for solar panel placement. At the company there was collaboration but never any formal meetings like the ones at MediaTek. At Caltech, I worked mainly with a mentor. It was a much guided learning experience, where compared to work at MediaTek I am driven to figure out solutions on my own. 

In addition to the work, I enjoy eating with my team at lunch as well, the team is very funny and they talk about a wide variety of interesting topics ranging from cars to plumbing. I have enjoyed the internship so far. In three words this internship has been an Exciting Novel Experience.