I am Tzu-Chien, a PhD student from National Taiwan University and intern at WCT team in Massachusetts, MediaTek USA. The best thing I have here is getting to know my supervisor, Henry Cox. He is a cool, open minded person and very experienced in programming and verification and an excellent tutor as well. 

Before I started my internship in July, Henry went to visit me at Taipei in April when he had a business trip to the Hsinchu HQ. Henry helpfully gave me a list of reference topics related to my major at that time to help me prepare for my internship project. Most topics in the list are more related to practical engineering rather than theoretical problems, which makes everything easier to begin with.  

When I started as an intern here, Henry explained the background idea of their simulator, and he introduced the potential profit of the future work to help me conduct my research. My project is still currently in progress, and we are looking forward to the outcome of it. During my internship, Henry invited me to go mountain biking with him and his son. This is my first extreme sport experience. I survived my first try and started to enjoy the excitement. Though my skills didn’t improved much after my first try, this special experience makes me feel more open-minded (I hope so). This internship gave me a chance to break out of my shell, and thanks to Henry I think I am more capable to make decisions for myself.