My name is Samuel Cheng and I’m just starting my third year at the University of California, Santa Cruz pursuing a Major in Electrical Engineering . I am on the SPE team evaluating the Helio X25 digital image quality, located at the San Jose site. 

I've found the company culture at MediaTek is superb. Coming into MediaTek, I thought that it would just be a stereotypical engineering company: quiet with not a very social environment. But after spending some time here, I really find MediaTek a very enjoyable company to work for. The employees are all friendly, social, and dedicated to their work. HR really cares for their interns by organizing many events that are fun and insightful about MediaTek’s core values, senior employee sharing sessions, as well as many lunch outings to socialize and have fun.

Throughout my internship I learned some important and useful skills that I would never experienced at school. Professional skills include image quality testing and evaluation, while personally I've found I have grown to understand more about workplace interactions, communication, presentations, decision making, inspirational thinking, and problem solving. Professional skills may be more straight- forward to acquire while personal ones really need a lot of time and practice. After interning at MediaTek, I would like to share some personal skills that I have learned, but still have a lot of room for more improvements.

I learned how to be a better communicator by discussing with my mentor, reporting progress and asking questions. My mentor, Lingtao Jiang, is very experienced with his field of work so whenever he gives me suggestions, I communicate effectively by being a good listener. Especially since I am less experienced, every suggestion helps me progress in my project. While at MediaTek, I practiced working independently. It’s a helpful experience because I can develop my critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and motivational skills. When issues come up during the project I actively try to fix it and motivate myself to solve the problem.

I want to thank my manager and mentor for giving me this opportunity to gain these experiences and being very approachable and easy to talk to. I also give my thanks to HR staff for organizing the many events for interns to socialize, eat, and learn about company values and expert experiences. Thanks to all the other interns for making the experience fun. I enjoyed the conversations as well as playing ping-pong and getting lunch together.