Brand Vision

"Enrich and enhance everyone's life through our innovative technologies, leading products, strong business model, and effective corporate feedback."

| Commitments and policies

  • Customer relationship management
  • Brand image
  • Brand value

| Specific Performance

  • Won the "Outstanding Asia Pacific Semiconductor Company Award" from the Global Semiconductor
    • Alliance (GSA) : 9-time winners from 2009 to 2021
  • Won TCSA "Top 10 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Model Award;" also received "Talent Development
    • Leadership Award," "Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award," " Social Inclusion Leadership
    • Award," " Supply Chain Leadership Award," "Information Security Leadership Award"and "Corporate
    • Sustainability Reports Award
  • Ranked No.6 in "Best Taiwan Global Brands" by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, achieving a brand
    • value of 594 million USD : an increase by 42% over 2020.
  • The only Taiwan-based semiconductor company with research papers selected by International SolidState Circuits Conference (ISSCC) for 19 consecutive years.

| Brand Campaigns

  • Amplified "Powering the Brands You Love" Campaign
    • We further expanded sponsorship programs through continued partnerships with global technology influencers. We initiated a campaign in partnership with lifestyle influencers, which promoted MediaTek's "Powering the Brands You Love"message that showcased new products powered by MediaTek chips from the world's biggest brands, and that our chips power nearly 2 billion global devices every year.
  • Launched the "Incredible In. Incredible Out" Campaign
    • "Incredible In, Incredible Out" showcases how MediaTek's innovative, powerful and feature-rich solutions power a vast array of devices that deliver incredible experiences. 
    • This new global campaign reached 259 million and drove 1.8 million visitors to the Powered by MediaTek website (as of the end of July 2021). The campaign also drove 25 million visitors to branded product microsites and garnered 25 million product video views. Overall, the average CPC / CPV was USD $0.03.
  • Initiated “Rise to Incredible” Campaign for our Dimensity 9000
    • With the launch of Dimensity 9000 flagship chip, we created a milestone of innovation – a rise to incredible – built to power only the most prestigious 5G smartphones around the world. We introduced MediaTek Dimensity 9000 along with its "Rise to Incredible" campaign to demonstrate the flagship experiences everyone envisions.
    • We also cooperated with Discovery filmmakers to showcase the experience Dimensity 9000 powered smartphones offer. Through professional filmmaker's hands and storytelling, the videos demonstrated the exceptional multimedia capabilities of the Dimensity 9000. 
  • Crafted “The Vision to Go Beyond” Campaign to showcase Smart TV Visionaries
    • MediaTek invited the award-winning filmmaker, photographer and adventurer, Jimmy Chin, to discuss his background, his craft and his inspiration – all key elements that shape his vision. As the world's largest TV chip provider, MediaTek plays a key role in building experiences that take viewers beyond the screen and into new worlds. We’re partnering with artists and creators to understand their process and their craft. These are the visionaries that put the vision in television.

To learn more about MediaTek's brand vision, please see p17 of the report.