Brand Vision

▌Commitments and Policies

We are continually improving our market image in order to generate increasing brand value. This is realized through innovations in leading technologies, strategies, marketing, management, and processes.


Short-term◢ Market image: Adjust the key points of marketing planning, improve the exposure and accuracy of online information, and strengthen the planning and execution of projects in focus areas based on external opinions.
 Brand value: Use the best effort to increase the brand value and corporate identity by 10%, making the brand value increased by 39% in 2022 from 2021 (Interbrand).
Mid- and long-term Brand value: Increase the brand value and corporate identity by 30%


● Won "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top 10 Domestic Corporations", "People Development Leadership Award", "Growth through Innovation Leadership Award," "Social Inclusion Leadership Award," "Information Security Leadership Award" and "Corporate Sustainability Report Award-Platinum" in the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TSCA) hosted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.
●Won the "Best Taiwan Global Brands" award by Interbrand, with the brand value amounting to NT$825 million in 2022, i.e. the growth range by about 40% from 2021, as the most influential semiconductor company in Taiwan for eight consecutive years.
●MediaTek is the only Taiwan-based semiconductor company with papers selected by IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) for 19 consecutive years.
●Named Clarivate Analytics "Top 100 Global Innovators"


1. Advanced promotional campaign for "Powering the Brands You Love"

MediaTek continually expands our sponsorship and partnership with global tech-savvy key influencers on the social media and works with life-style key influencers to promote the "Powering the Brands You Love" campaign, presenting the products fueled by MediaTek chips from world-class manufactures and making the fact that MediaTek powers approximately 2 billion end devices annually known to the public.

2. Introduction of the "Incredible In, Incredible Out" plan

MediaTek has launched the "Incredible In, Incredible Out" plan, emphasizing that user experience depends on the inside of each device, to present MediaTek's innovative, high-performing and richly featured solutions in driving variety of devices and further delivering unique user experience.

The "Incredible In, Incredible Out" campaign has reached 800 million people globally, and attracted 3 million visits of MediaTek's website, 55 million views of the product pages, and 60 million views of product videos.

3. Activate the "Chasing Incredibles" project to support production of ESG contents.

The Dimensity 9000 series flagship chip is a milestone of innovation - a rise to incredible - built to power only the highest-end 5G smartphones around the world. MediaTek worked with the Discovery, which is good at telling stories with images, to activate the "Chasing Incredibles" project. By virtue of the professional director's opening shot and narration, the audience realized how MediaTek applies the latest technology to make smart phones become the best partner for creation of videos and also build incomparable user experience.

MediaTek continues to work with Discovery to promote the project for season 2, based on the theme "Chasing Biodiversity," for utilization of the mobile phone equipped with the latest Dimensity flagship chip to shoot precious ecological hotspot stories and also record the conservation process. MediaTek calls for the environmental sustainability with images, appeals the preservation of ecology and conservation of the world's precious wild animals, and continues to strive for environmental sustainability issues.

To learn more about our brand promotion achievements, please refer to 1.1.3 "Global branding events" in MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.

▌Product innovation

MediaTek has made ongoing developments across a wide range of technologies, establishing and maintaining a leading position across markets. Our technology expertise encompasses: Leading Connectivity, Power-efficient Computing, Premium Multimedia, by leveraging advanced technology, we are pioneering innovative application products and driving global user experience upgrades. For more detailed product innovation achievements, please visit MediaTek's official website.

For more information, please refer to 01 Global Presence section of MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.