Chairman’s Remarks

Looking back on 2022, the business landscape witnessed numerous changes and challenges. The IC design industry also experienced rapid fluctuations in market demand. Multiple uncertain factors tested enterprises􏘧 adaptability and resilience. MediaTek employees regarded those challenges as opportunities for ability enhancement. As a team, we steeled ourselves and worked with internal and external partners to enhance MediaTek's resilience and competitiveness, resulting in a new record in annual revenue and earnings per share.

Apart from demonstrating adaptability with business growth, we made a commitment last year to address climate change. The Board of Directors and the ESG Committee passed a target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 with a plan to gradually reduce total emissions. Meanwhile, we continue to improve our ESG practices, including corporate governance, risk management, ecofriendly operations, employee care, and greater social participation. Such practices demonstrate our active commitment to sustainability.

To achieve sustainable development, MediaTek needs not only resolution but the support of colleagues and suppliers to ensure long-term progress. At MediaTek, we're dedicated to fortifying our all-inclusive ESG efforts by infusing this ethos into our everyday operations, cultivating a sustainable supply chain, and meeting our stakeholders' expectations to boost our reputation and influence in sustainability. Specifically, we have been fostering an inclusive workplace culture that prioritizes diversity and equity. We have also been working on raising awareness among our employees about energy conservation and carbon reduction. Furthermore, we organize forums to ensure responsible supply chain practices and information security compliance. With an aim to build a robust and resilient ecosystem, we work with upstream and downstream supplier partners to explore new opportunities as well as support our brand customers around the world in releasing innovation. With the above, we are committed to driving the industry towards a responsible, sustainable, and low-carbon semiconductor supply chain.

We believe that the core competitiveness of an enterprise must contribute to the creation of social value. As the structural growth trend of global digital transformation remains, the semiconductor industry continues to play a crucial role. MediaTek delivers innovative technologies and products to enrich and enable individuals around the world, in the hopes of driving positive changes in the environment and society. The pursuit of sustainability is a never-ending journey. We will continue to connect sustainability with business practices, establish an ecosystem that promotes co-prosperity and shared values, which we hope will in turn have a positive influence on the society and create a sustainable future.

Chairman of MediaTek

Ming-Kai Tsai