Ming-Kai Tsai

Chairman, MediaTek Group

2021 posted both opportunities and challenges for the global semiconductor industry. Digital transformation accelerated the robust demands in various sectors, and in turn strained our industry's supply chain. With the concerted efforts of MediaTek's employees across the globe, our company reached recordhigh revenue and earnings per share (EPS) in 2021.

We were ranked as the world's f ourth largest fabless-IC design company and the se venth largest semiconductor company, a step further from the eighth place in the previous year.

MediaTek is committed in driving sustainable development alongside our quest for business performance. In regard to innovation, we are devoted to the development of cutting-edge technologies, which can enhance people's lives and strengthen their connection to the world. On the t alent and diversity front, we continue to collaborate with industry, government and academia in nurturing high-tech talents.

Moreover, we are dedicated to building a workplacethat values diversity, equity, and inclusion where all employees can find a sense of belonging. For years, MediaTek has been spearheading in promoting STEM education and technology innovations, our actions include supporting talent cultivation programs of
local schools at various levels, as well as encouraging innovation from the community. Finally, as a fabless IC design company, MediaTek is committed in actively supporting global initiatives on carbon reduction activation in collaboration with our suppliers to forge a sustainable green supply chain.

Our mission is"Enhance and Enrich Everyone's Life". Globally, over 2 billion de vices are powered by the chips designed by MediaTek every year, allowing us to
realize our mission in r emoving the barrier of access to technology, so the public c an all benefit from its advancement. As a citizen of the earth, we work diligently alongside our ecosystem partners to fulfill our corporate citizenship by realizing our vision in sustainability with technology innovation.

2022 marks the 25th anniversar y of MediaTek. We started our business with less than 100 employees and over the years, we have e volved into a multinational conglomerate with over 19,000 employees loc ating in 36 cities worldwide. Along the w ay we have recruited global talents and accumulated abundant momentum, while constantly thinking of ways to improve the well-being of humanity and the sus tainability of the earth through MediaTek's presence and technology.

Looking towards the next 25 years and beyond, MediaTek will continue to work towards fulfilling our vision on sustainable development, and contributing to making positive impact on the economy, society and environment.