ESG Committee

Sustainable Business Operation to Guard the Environment

MediaTek is committed to powering its worldwide offices with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We focus our efforts in three areas, green design, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and responsible supply chain management. Our cutting-edge low-energy consumption product design enables consumers to mitigate their power consumption on electronic products. Moreover, MeidaTek set forth inviting all colleagues to internalize environment-friendly practices into our daily lives. As part of our plan to co-create a zero-carbon homeland, MediaTek exercises its influence on its supply chain by continuously conducting greenhouse gas inventory, tracking emission data and progress on an annual basis.

Inclusive Workplace and Social Engagement

Recruiting top-notch talent from diverse backgrounds around the world is essential for establishing leadership in technology. MediaTek offers competitive compensation and benefit packages while striving to create a welcoming work environment that supports individuals, their families, and promotes an inclusive culture of diversity and equity. The goal is to ensure every employee feels valued and empowered to excel in their respective areas of expertise. MediaTek has made a long-term investment in fostering STEM talent by providing support for basic science education. Additionally, we encourage the use of technology for social innovation, which has captured immense creative energy from communities. We believe that MediaTek can create value for the community and address the multifaceted aspects of well-being through our core competencies. Ultimately, we aim to win stakeholders' trust and achieve sustainable development.

Trust-worthy Corporate Governance

To strengthen our operational resilience, we have set out enhancing our performance on various corporate governance indicators, such as engaging with stakeholders, refining our corporate governance mechanisms, reinforcing internal control and audit, increasing information transparency, and executing improvements based on regular inspections of our Risk Management Committee. As a result of such efforts, we were once again recognized as one of the top 5% of companies listed on TWSE in the Corporate Governance Evaluation. It is an honor that underscores the hard work of our team and our commitment to further progress. Meanwhile, to deepen the value connection between MediaTek's management and shareholders, and to fulfill the commitment of sustainable management, we formulated the Executive Officer Stock Ownership Guidelines. We also continue our dividend policy of 80%-85% payout ratio for regular dividends and have been distributing a special cash dividend of NT$16 per share for the second year consecutively. The dual-structured cash dividend, which combines both fixed and floating cash dividends, has been a first among listed companies in Taiwan. It was introduced as an approach to effectively reward shareholders for their long-term support and to showcase the confidence in our future business prospects.

Vision of Sustainability

Our corporate sustainability efforts center on six key areas: global presence, innovation, talent, corporate governance, environmental management, and community engagement. We collaborate with colleagues, partners, customers, and communities, and leverage new technologies and innovative thinking to create a thriving, sustainable future.

Vice Chairman, CEO, and Chairperson of ESG Committee, MediaTek

Rick Tsai